Student Organisations

There are a large number of student organisations at Umeå University. On this page we aim to one day have gathered most of them, but for now we can at least present a few. Hopefully you can find one or two that interest you and that can help enrich your social life while you are here in Umeå.

CredoAre you curious about God or religion in general? Looking for other Christian students or people who want to find out about God? You are welcome to join us in Credo. They organise discussion groups, prayer/worship meetings, lectures, "fika", parties and so on.

HumlanHumlan is a non profit cultural organisation who's main goal is to produce quality musical events, but also cinema and some theatrical events.

Snösvänget - Student OrchestraSnösvänget is Umeå University's student orchestra. They play everything from jazz to pop, rock and german schlager.

Student Radio StationThe student radio station consists of students producing radio shows for students. You can listen to the student radio via their website or on 102,3 MHz. Some of the programmes are in english, produced by international students.

UPF - Umeå Association for International AffairsUmeå Association of International Affairs is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation. They aim to increase awareness and promote debate concerning international issues by:

  • Organising lectures once a week on current issues
  • Arranging debates on varied political topics
  • Setting up movie nights and gasques
  • Planning educational trips to different countries
  • Writing, discussing and reflecting on political and global issues

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Student Unions

At Umeå University there are three different Student Unions. Which one you belong to depends on what you study.

Umeå Student Unionfor students at the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Social Sciences and Umeå School of Education.

Umeå Student Union of Science and Technologyfor students at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Medical Sciences Student Unionfor students at the Faculty of Medicine

Student Pubs

There are four Student Pubs on Campus. These are run by students for students. Besides regular pub/club evenings they also arrange other events. As a student you can get involved and volunteer in one of them.


Is a Student Pub run by the student association for the Umeås School of Business

Kårhuset Villan

Is the Student Union Building for the Medical Sciences Student Union

Kårhuset Origo

Is the Student Union Building for the Student Union of Science of Technology

Clubs & Associations in Umeå

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