Studying in Umeå

Perhaps the manner of instruction and examination at the university where you previously studied is very similar to how things are done here in Umeå. Perhaps the thought of studying only one course at a time is completely foreign to you.

Do you call the professor by title, surname or just address her "Hey Karin"? Do you accept what she tells you or do you question her theories? Do you listen and take notes or engage in discussion? It is not always easy to grasp how to behave in new situations.

Whether studying in Umeå is similar to studying at home or something entirely different, the following pages will help you to come to terms with how we do things and what is expected of you.

As a registered student at Umeå University you can find more information in the student portal "Portalen". You reach it by clicking on "Current Students" at the top of all UmU pages.

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