Getting a Degree from Umeå University

The usual aim for studies is a university degree. When you have completed your studies and received your degree, you are well equipped for a professional life outside the university. In most cases, your degree will qualify you for studies at a higher level. After the completion of your studies you have to apply for your degree yourself.

Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement

Your Degree Certificate will show the title of your degree (for example Degree of Bachelor of Science) as well as the courses that are included in your degree. The degree certificate will be written in both Swedish and English.

The Diploma Supplement is an appendix written in English that follows with your degree certificate. It describes your education and the Swedish higher education system. The aim of the Diploma Supplement is to aid in the assessment and recognition of Swedish degrees in relation to employment or continuing studies abroad. For more information about Diploma Supplement, follow the link to the right.

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