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Getting to know a new country and its culture is part of what makes studying abroad so exciting. When you come to Sweden as an international student, discovering Swedish culture and the Swedish lifestyle can be an interesting experience and enrich your stay in Umeå. The Host Programme provides international students at Umeå University with an opportunity to meet regular Swedish people and to get a glimpse of Swedish everyday life.

Host ProgrammeAs a participating international student, you will be paired with another international student and the two of you will receive one host person. Your host will be an employee or student at Umeå University, an employee at Umeå Municipality or elsewhere. Students and hosts will meet at least twice during the autumn term. You will meet your fellow international student and your host at an event organized by the University. The host will then arrange for a second meeting with you. They might invite you home for dinner, meet you for coffee or take you sightseeing in Umeå. You and your host are not obliged to continue meeting after the second time, however, if you want to you are free to arrange more activities and continue to meet.

The application is closed.

You will get more information about the programme and how to register during the Orientation Course.

If you also want to get in touch with Swedish students, you can participate in the Buddy Programme.

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