Study Guidance

If you are looking to start studying or already are a student, the University provides study guidance.

The Study Counsellors can help you with...

  • information about studies offered at Umeå University
  • information about eligibility and admission procedures
  • equivalation of foreign upper-secondary education
  • individual guidance for you to be able to plan your future studies

Visit us during our drop-in hours, where we can sort out your immediate questions during a brief conversation. You may then book further guidance.

We can also provide study guidance and help you with your questions by telephone, e-mail or e-meeting.

The Study Advisor for programmes and courses

If you have any questions about a degree programme or a single-subject course in your specific field of study, you are welcome to contact the study advisor in your department.

A study advisor provides more detailed information and guidance in relation to the department's own degree programmes and single-subject courses. For example, course selections within a programme, the course literature, exams, and options after studying a certain programme.

These Study Advisors are presented under "Contact Information" for each course or programme in the on-line catalogue (Master Programmes, Undergraduate Programmes and Courses).

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Contact us

Call 090-786 50 00 or write in our contact form.

Drop-in hours for Study Guidance

Regular opening hours:

Monday-Friday 12.00-13.30

Altered opening hours:

• Closed all holidays, weekends and days between a holiday and a weekend

• Closed during the period June 27 to August 5

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