Application and Tuition Fees at Umeå University

Application and Tuition Fees for students outside the EU/EEA

With a few exceptions, all citizens of countries outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees for education at Umeå University at the undergraduate and advanced level.

Exemptions from application and tuition fees

Applicants are NOT required to pay application and tuition fees if they are one of the following below:

  • Exchange Students - Students attending Umeå University as part of an exchange agreement
  • Students with citizenship in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland.
    • A copy of the passport has to be provided during the application procedure to be designated tuition-exempt. Further instructions are available at University Admissions.
  • Students who commenced a course/programme before July 1, 2011 may complete the course/programme as tuition-exempt.
    • All studies initiated after July 1, 2011, requires paying of fees.
  • Pursuing Doctoral level (Ph.D.) studies.

A comprehensive list can be found at University Admissions.

Application fee for non-EU/EEA students

Students with citizenship in a country outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will be required to pay a one-time SEK 900 (Swedish kronor) application fee. The application fee will cover the costs associated with the processing of an application.

Students who are registered for a course or programme at a Swedish university at the time they submit their application will not be required to pay an application fee.

Tuition levels vary depending on subject

The specific tuition fee levels vary depending on the course and programme.
The tuition rates for most degree programmes and full-time studies range from SEK 90,000 to SEK 135,000 per year, depending on the field of study. Programmes in architecture, design, and fine arts range from SEK 270,000 to SEK 335,000 per year.

Specific tuition costs for all courses and programmes can be found under the menu heading "Application information" on the course or programme web page in our online catalogue.

Method of payment for the SEK 900 application fee

The primary method of payment will be online with a credit or debit card. This is by far the best method of payment as it is quick, efficient and secure. The application fee of SEK 900 is to be made online at:

Methods of Payment for tuition fees

The tuition is to be paid via an international bank transfer (wire-transfer).

After the admissions process is completed, and the Letter of Acceptance is generated, the tuition invoice is sent via email, along with the payment instructions.
Details about the tuition payment process can be found here.

The first instalment of the tuition fee must be paid before your application for a residence permit can be processed

The Swedish Migration Board processes all the residence permit applications of non-EU/EEA citizens visiting Sweden. Per their protocol an application for residence permit for studies will not be processed if the first-installment tuition is not paid.
Further information related to the residence permit is available on the Migration Board webpages.


The Swedish Migration Board does not grant a residence permit for students admitted to:

  • less than full-time studies (30 ECTS per semester) or
  • internet-based or distance courses.

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Important Dates

12 April 2016 - Swedish Institute (SI) publishes list of scholarship recipients

13 April 2016 - Scholarship recipients must accept (or decline) their admission place and scholarship offer

27 April 2016  - Tuition invoices sent to all admitted students in the first selection round

10 May 2016 - Tuition invoices sent to students admitted in the second selection round

15 June 2016 - Final day for non-EU/EEA citizens to apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Board

9 August 2016 - Tuition invoices sent to students admitted in the extra application round for EU/EEA citizens (who applied during 16 March - 15 April), including students starting their third semester in autumn 2016

Dates are subject to change

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Tuition Fee Exemptions

Citizens of the following EU/EEA countries do not pay application or tuition fees

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

* Switzerland is not an EU/EEA country, yet its nationals are exempt.