Umeå University Scholarships for International Students

Umeå University welcomes talented and high-achieving students from outside the EU/EEA.

Those eligible to apply for these scholarships are:

  • students applying for a Master's degree programme at Umeå University
  • students who have Umeå University as priority 1 at

The selections for the scholarships are based entirely on the applicant's academic merit.
Selected candidates receive a full or partial reduction of the tuition fee.

The scholarship application period for 2015-16 academic year will open in November 2014.

Scholarships offered by Umeå University

The following scholarships are administered by Umeå University:

Umeå University Scholarship
This is a general scholarship programme offered by Umeå University. Open for students admitted to one of the Master's study programmes offered.

Erling-Persson Scholarship
This scholarship is financed by the Erling-Persson foundation and targets students admitted to Master's in Public Health study programme at Umeå University.

Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE) Scholarship
This scholarship targets students who are admitted to one of the 6 Master's level programmes offered by the Umeå School of Business and Economics.

Scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute, a government agency, administers many scholarship programmes each year for students and researchers, from various non-EU/EEA countries, coming to Sweden to pursue their objectives at a Swedish university.

One scholarship programme - The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships Category 1 - targets students from countries with which Sweden has long-term development cooperation.
These countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Applicants from these countries will not be considered for any of the Umeå University Scholarships and are referred instead to the Swedish Institute.

Other Scholarship opportunities

Science Without Borders

Umeå University is a participant of Ciência sem Fronteiras: Science without Borders Brazil Scholarship Programme.
Students from Brazil may apply for scholarship via this programme.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are exempt from tuition fees

Applicants from the EU/EEA and Switzerland are exempt from application and tuition fees. As such, Umeå University does not offer any scholarships for EU/EEA/Swiss students.

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Business & Economics

New international scholarships at Umeå School of Business & Economics

The Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE) at Umeå University have introduced new scholarships for talented master’s degree programme applicants from non EU/EEA countries beginning their studies in autumn 2014. Read more

Public Health

These scholarships are possible due to the generous financial support of the Erling Persson Foundation. Students who are admitted to the Master Programmes in Public Health will be invited to compete for these scholarships. The scholarships cover the tuition fees.

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Swedish Institute Scholarships

Scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute

Ciência sem Fronteiras (for Brazilian citizens)

Umeå University welcomes qualified Brazilian students from the Science Without Borders Programme.

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Cost of Living

The Swedish Migration Board requires that students show that they can cover living expenses of SEK 7,300 per month in order to obtain a residence permit. Those who intend to study for one year or more must show that they can support themselves for 10 months per year.

A typical student budgetInformation from the Swedish Migration Board