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The role of regional collaboration and support structures for knowledge governance within social services.

Structures for governance, based on knowledge – knowledge governance - as a means for improving the conditions for health and social services to provide coherent, effective and knowledge-based care, is currently in focus in Sweden.

A number of decisions have been made at government level, responsibilities have been divided between authorities and organizations, and new forms of cooperation have been created for this purpose in recent years. The Regional Cooperation and Support Structures (RCSS), which has been developed since 2010, has been
identified as a key asset in the knowledge governance chain, as a link between national and local actors. At the same time, a number of challenges and concerns about the prerequisites for RCSSs’ to function and act in such a key role for knowledge governance has been highlighted; RSCCs’ are found in different types of organizational contexts, directed by representatives for local and regional authorities and organizations that might define tasks and resources for the business. The overall aim of our research project is to advance the understanding of intermediating support structures’ role and prerequisites in knowledge governance processes.

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Title of Project

Regionala samverkans- och stödstrukturers roll i kunskapsstyrningen inom socialtjänsten. Förväntningar och utmaningar sett ur ett regionalt perspektiv

Project Period

01/01/2017 - 11/30/2020

Subject areas

Public health science, Health and medical services in society

Head of research

Elisabet Höög, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine

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