A selection of Arctic researchers

Anna Sténs, doctor in history, studies conflicts on forest utilisation

Anna-Lill Drugge, doctor in history, studies Sami history and indigenous peoples

Birgitta Evengård, professor in infectious diseases, studies climate change and health

Camilla Sandström, professor in political science, studies conflicts regarding the use of natural resources

Carina Keskitalo, professor in political science, studies environmental policies in the Arctic region

Doris Carson, researcher in human geography

Dieter Müller, professor in social and economic geography, studies the opportunities of tourism in the Arctic region

Heidi Hansson, professor in English literature, studies the perception of the Arctic through literature

Jan Karlsson, professor in aquatic biogeochemistry, studies the effects on climate change on the Arctic ecosystems

Jens Wahlström, associate professor in occupational and environmental medicine, studies how cold exposure at work affects human health

Maja Sundqvist, research assistant in ecology, studies climate impact on Arctic plants

Mats Eliasson, adjunct professor in medicine, studies risk factors for heart attack and stroke

Per Axelsson, associate professor in history, studies the health of indigenous peoples

Per Stenberg, associate professor in molecular biology, studies biodiversity in a time of climate change