Strategic Research Areas

In 2008 the Swedish Research Council initiated a large investment in research areas that have a strategic significance for society and industry. Umeå University was granted SEK 226 million in funding over 2010–2014 to develop world-leading research in eight strategic research fields.

Umeå University has main responsibility for the following Strategic Research Area:

Energy research

Nearly all of our energy today is derived of chemicals and automotive fuels from fossil sources. Scientists and entrepreneurs in northern Sweden hope to change this by replacing oil with environmentally friendly trees. They collaborateon the Bio4Energy research platform.
Bio4energy website

Marine environment research

The Baltic Sea is threated by eutrophication, pollution and overfishing. Climate change is likely to furhter aggravate the situation.. The research project EcoChange aims to discover and predict what ecological consequences climate changes - e.g. increased temperature and precipitation – will have on the Baltic Sea, and how the Baltic Sea will respond to these consequences.
EcoChange website

Researchers from Umeå University are also involved in six Strategic Research Areas:

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