Strong Research Environments 2011–2015

In 2010 Umeå University designated 14 strong research environments of high international quality, which was given special support during the period 2011–2015. The initiative will be evaluated shortly.

The environments were defined as having:

  • a critical mass of internationally competitive researchers
  • an international research network
  • common overall goals and vision
  • a continual exchange of experience and ideas between the participating researchers
  • an ability to foster and develop emerging research talent into established researchers.

The environments were designated by collegial nominations at the faculty level and international peer review.

Strong Research Environments at Umeå University 2011–2015:

Ageing research
Ecosystem changes
Environmental and resource economics
Gender studies
Global health
Infection biology
Light in science and technology
Modelling living systems – Icelab
Northern Studies
Plant and forest biotechnology
Solar fuels
The dynamics, structure and function of proteins
The environment’s chemistry – from molecules to the ecosystem
Welfare studies

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