Environmental and resource economics

Serious future environmental threats, for example global warming, require new knowledge about how we should take care of and utilize the earth’s natural environments and resources. Different decisions and routes affect the habitat of both present and future generations.

Sustainable management of forests and wildlife, climate economics and valuation of natural resources are all current research issues within Environment and natural resource economics, which involve prominent international researchers, connected to the Centre for environmental and resource economics and several units at Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Research for a sustainable society

To adapt a society to the environment is about changing behaviour, adjusting laws and political institutions, making economic trade-offs and implementing a practical policy. More knowledge is therefore required about how individuals and households, companies and countries act when confronted with different choices for the utilization of natural and environmental resources, and how prioritized these issues are.

Studies the society, companies and individuals

An important area of research is how our striving to reach different goals within separate areas of society can both interact and lead to conflict. How are, for example, environmental initiatives affected by high unemployment? The researchers are also studying how individuals’ and companies’ environmental impact can be measured, and how sustainable investment is valued. Yet another area is how and why our impact on the environment changes over time, and what we can learn from this.

About Strong Research Environments 2011–2015

In 2010 Umeå University designated 14 strong research environments of high international quality, which was given special support during the period 2011–2015. This initiative will be evaluated shortly.

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