Northern Studies

Scandinavia’s northernmost parts constitute a unique cultural melting pot, where people with different languages, religions, industries and identities have shared the space during the last 500 years.

Northern studies at Umeå University is a multidisciplinary research environment which addresses the problems and knowledge gaps which threaten sustainable development in the area.

Creating conditions for a positive development

A large number of research projects are included in the environment and focus three themes: cooperation and conflict, people and identity as well as resources and competitiveness. Through the research, new and better starting points can be created for health, environment, culture, industry and international law – in the long-run they could provide favourable conditions for a positive development for the entire circumpolar area.

Issues of international interest

The research is internationally renowned and the knowledge it provides is of great value for development in other countries as well. The research environment has access to research databases that lack counterparts in other countries, and therefore the possibility of studying the development, complexity and consequences over a long period of change are very good. Included in the environment are successful younger researchers as well leading international senior researchers, in a unique collaboration that encompasses all of the University’s faculties.

About Strong Research Environments 2011–2015

In 2010 Umeå University designated 14 strong research environments of high international quality, which was given special support during the period 2011–2015. This initiative will be evaluated shortly.

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