Research Excellence

Umeå University conducts groundbreaking research within several areas - several in which we are among the best in the world - within others regarded as the leaders in Sweden.

Research excellence comprises scientific areas and researchers that Umeå University has chosen to prioritise particularly through long-term funding and quality opportunities for development. This can include groups of researchers or individuals.

Plant and Forest Biotechnology is an example of strong research at Umeå University. The sequencing of the genome of spruce - Sweden's economically most important plant – was made ​​by Umeå professors Ove Nilsson, Pär Ingvarsson and Stefan Jansson, among others. Photo: Johan Gunséus.

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Our Collaboration with Nobel Laureates

Harald zur Hausen
2008 Medicine
Honorary Doctor – Faculty of Medicine

Eric S. Maskin
2007 Economics
Kempe Award Recipient

Roger D. Kornberg
2006 Chemistry
Honorary Doctor – Faculty of Medicine