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Ecosystems with many and similar species can handle tougher environmental disturbances

How sensitive an ecosystem is to unforeseen environmental stress can be determined, according to Daniel Bruno, previous visiting researcher at Umeå University. The approach is to study how many species there are in an ecosystem and what proportion of these can replace species that are hard hit by en...

Symposium about connections between social movements, memory, media and time

DIGSUM is collaborating with the University of Westminster in London in organising a symposium entitled Times are a Changin’– Temporality, Memory and Social Movements in the Digital Age. The event will take place in London on 2nd and 3rd June 2016. The initiators of the event are Sam Merrill, DIGSUM...

Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye has defended his licentiate thesis

Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye has defended his licentiate thesis entitled ”Performance Problem Diagnosis in Cloud Infrastructures”.

Vitamin E a potential biomarker for development of brain tumours

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden and the Cancer Registry of Norway have studied possible causes behind the development of brain tumours. The results, published in the journal Oncotarget, show differences in expression of certain molecules known as metabolites when comparing healthy individua...

PhD-course on Neuroimaging at KI Stockholm (October 2016).


Luminous proteins offer new method to discover viral infections

Researchers at Umeå University have developed a new method to directly follow viral infections in living organisms. This method can make infected cells produce fluorescent proteins, which means that they light up and become easier to identify. The method, which is described in the journal Scientific...

Successful presentation of the first WP8 deliverable

On April 25, 2016, Alexander Krenek, WIFO, and Marian Dobranschi of Mendel University in Brno jointly presented the first WP8 deliverable titled "EU Taxes as Genuine Own Resource to Finance the EU Budget – Pros, Cons and Sustainability-oriented Criteria to Evaluate Potential Tax Candidates" by Schra...

CutFEM: seeing the whole with the sum of the parts

Geometry can describe very complex shapes, such as fluted curves or metallic mesh. Chemistry and physics can describe properties such as temperatures, velocities, and concentrations or flexibility and elasticity. How do you combine these seemingly separate ways of seeing objects? And what if those o...

Researchers show that four-stranded DNA is formed and unfolded

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered that specific DNA sequences that are rich in the DNA building block guanine in the yeast species, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, can form four-stranded DNA. In a study published today in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, the researchers also sho...

The Independent: Sarin nerve agent antidote is within reach, scientists reveal

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the search for new antidotes to combat deadly nerve agent sarin. A joint study published by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and Umeå University revealed how certain molecules could be used to counteract the devastating effects of chemical...

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