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Fairtax researchers produces study on Gender equality and taxation in the European Union

In April 2017, FairTax researchers Åsa Gunnarsson, Margit Schratzenstaller and Ulrike Spangenberg finished a research paper on behalf of the European Parliament's Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM). The study presents recommendations on how to improve gender equality in taxation ...

Open presentation on Friday 19th May

In connection with being awarded Umea municipality’s scientific award, RiseB: s Herman Stål will give an open presentation Friday 19th May.

How one's research can make a difference

How do I, as a PhD student, meet the requirements and expectations of my research academic and social impact? In a workshop on May 31st, Anna Sténs, historian and innovation ambassador at humfak and Bodil Formark, historian and research coordinator of the External Relations Unit, would like to invit...

Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology in Umeå

Theoretical and mathematical ecology is an interdisciplinary field, where scientists cooperate across borders to further our understanding of ecology an evolution by building conceptual and mathematical models. In this workshop, researchers from the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statist...

Over 50 PhD Students learn to build autonomous clouds

On 11-12 May, Umeå University hosts 52 PhD students from all over Sweden during a 2-day course event in Umeå to learn about what are the current challenges in making clouds more effective, focusing on making clouds more autonomous. The event includes keynote speakers from Google and Burt, the latter...

Striving towards a fairer Brazilian tax system

Professor Leonel Pessoa represents the the São Paulo Law School of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV Direito SP), Brazil, in the FairTax project. He has a long experience of working with the Brazilian tax system, both as a teacher, researcher and a judge.

Chemistry world: Fish on valium

What are the consequences of unintentionally medicating wildlife against anxiety and depression? Imagine what happens when, as has been extensively shown, that Prozac type of psychiatric medicine makes it into the wild. For Jonatan Klaminder, an ecologist at Umeå University in Sweden, it’s straightf...

Successful FairTax research seminar at NUI Galway

A lively and stimulating debate on pensions and tax took place in the National University of Ireland, Galway on 10th and 11th April 2017. As part of WP 4 of the FairTax research project, Dr Emer Mulligan brought together pension and tax experts from the Netherlands and Ireland to compare the two pen...

Felipe Cava awarded for microbiological research

The Spanish Society for Microbiology has awarded this year’s Jaime Ferran Award to Felipe Cava, research group leader at Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden at Umeå University and Wallenberg Academy Fellow. The prize is awarded every year to Spain's best young microbiologist.

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