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NLAFET – a high-profile computing research project funded with nearly €4 million

Umeå University together with three international partners have been funded with nearly 4 million euros (3,907,375) for a front-line research project focusing on novel methods and software for the future supercomputer systems. The project named NLAFET is one of the high-profile extreme-scale computi...

Million grant for the future of supercomputers

Umeå University, together with three international partners, has been granted over 36 million sek to a major research project on methods and software for future supercomputers.

Faculty of Social Sciences holds Anniversary Symposium

The Faculty of Social Sciences celebrates Umeå University’s 50th anniversary with an Anniversary Symposium on 24 November in Aula Nordica on the theme of “Making Social Science Matter". The event is open to the public.

“Green light in the tunnel”: Opinion of the Swedish Board of Agriculture – a CRISPR-Cas9-mutant but not a GMO

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has, after questions from researchers in Umeå and Uppsala, confirmed the interpretation that some plants in which the genome has been edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology do not fall under the European GMO definition. This is important for the wide use of such pla...

Female employment and taxation

At the EU conference on "Individual taxation and employment" a number of European experts discussed the impact of individual taxation on female employment. Åsa Gunnarsson, Professor of Law at Umeå University, noted that individual taxation was introduced in Sweden in 1971 as the authorities looked t...

FairTax Copenhagen Meeting September 2015

The FairTax team working with Harmonization of effective tax compliance initiatives met in Copenhagen on the 29th and 30th of September to discuss their research.

"Tax for Our Times: How the Left Can Reinvent Taxation"

Ann Mumford launched her chapter in the Fabian Society pamphlet, "Tax for Our Times: How the Left Can Reinvent Taxation" in the United Kingdom's House of Commons on 9 September 2015. The Fabian Society is Britain’s oldest political think tank. Ann argued that every aspect of a tax system has the...

Research collaboration over drug for chronic wounds

The biotech company Omnio based in Swedish Umeå, and led by researcher Tor Ny at Umeå University, launches a research collaboration with the Canadian pharmaceutical company ProMetic to develop a new drug for slow-healing chronic wounds.

PhD student Anne Deininger wins prize for best poster

Ecosystem ecologist Anne Deininger won the prize for the best poster at the yearly staff conference at the Chemical Biological Centre, KBC. “I am of course very happy that I won a prize for my poster! The KBC-days were a good opportunity to get input from researchers outside my field, and it’s nice...

Two dissertations in chemistry praised

Anugwom Ikenna, postdoc at Umeå University, receives a statuette and EUR 500 for “Best PhD Thesis 2014” from the Baltic University Programme (BUP). Mikhail Golets, previous doctoral student at Umeå University, receives an honorary diploma for his dissertation work.

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