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[2015-02-25] Using snus doubles the risk of alcohol dependency
[2015-02-25] Future vehicles will be virtually tested before the first prototype is built
[2015-02-25] Short hospital stay linked to increased risk of death following hip fracture
[2015-02-23] Workshop in Neural oscillations and next-generation MEG sensors
[2015-02-20] End Ecoside
[2015-02-20] EduSFE – Tempus Project
[2015-02-18] Climate change influences the distribution of organic pollutants in the Baltic Sea
[2015-02-17] DNA-damage causes immune reaction and inflammation and is linked to cancer development
[2015-02-16] Climate change can cause loss of important ice dynamics in streams
[2015-02-16] Patterns in large data show how information travels
[2015-02-12] Breakthrough research in environmental chemistry is celebrated after 27 years
[2015-02-11] Postdoc in psychology with focus on learning and functional brain imaging
[2015-02-09] VA: Swedish children to help climate scientists by burying teabags
[2015-02-06] Contemporary art from Havana at Bildmuseet
[2015-02-04] Fruitful exchange as firms meet investors
[2015-02-02] Global research network in early language learning launched
[2015-02-02] Ingenious fine-tuning of plant photosynthesis
[2015-01-23] Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures
[2015-01-22] Dolly Jørgensen new blogger for Curie research magazine
[2015-01-21] Lars Larsson has defended his Lic Thesis
[2015-01-19] What does a Capital of Culture year mean?
[2015-01-15] Världsmästare och läkare - en (o)möjlig kombination
[2015-01-15] New Exhibition: "The Future is Dark"
[2015-01-15] Engaging with Educational Space
[2015-01-15] Nearly 1,000 international students to arrive at Umeå University
[2015-01-12] Snus is a gateway to smoking among adolescents
[2015-01-08] Learning and Plasticity meeting, Finland April 13-15 2015.
[2014-12-29] 'Sweden can't avoid immigration debate'
[2014-12-19] Industrial leaders meet academia at the 6th Cloud Control Workshop
[2014-12-18] Grants from FORTE

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