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[2017-01-20] Time for more sustainability-oriented EU funding - FairTax researchers comment on the recent HLGOR report
[2017-01-20] 37 countries are represented at Molecular Biology
[2017-01-19] Combined symposium and workshop event "Source localization methods in EEG and MEG", June 15-16, 2017 at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm.
[2017-01-19] International conference on Cognitive Neuroscience of Executive functions in Padova, Italy, September 28-30 2017.
[2017-01-18] Research leader offers pointers on how to gain EU funding
[2017-01-18] Seminar on protests and digital media
[2017-01-17] Three first Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows in place at the Faculty of Medicine
[2017-01-17] Sören Wibe Prize 2016 for best article
[2017-01-17] Great differences in the view of withdrawing futile intensive care
[2017-01-13] US ambassador visits CIRC and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat in Abisko
[2017-01-11] Networked learning conference
[2017-01-10] We are testing
[2016-12-29] Climate is no ubiquitous explanation of fluctuations in reindeer numbers
[2016-12-22] 9th Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting at Chemical Biological Centre, Umeå University
[2016-12-22] Fundings from “Företagsforskarskolan”
[2016-12-21] Thank you!
[2016-12-21] Thank you!
[2016-12-19] The Wallander Scholarship
[2016-12-19] Ultrasound detects heart dysfunction after successful repair of aortic narrowing
[2016-12-19] Christians less stressed than others during Christmas holidays
[2016-12-16] Ice project funded by Formas
[2016-12-15] Margit Schratzenstaller in panel discussion at the Austrian Society of European Politics
[2016-12-15] Umeå epidemiologist joins UN mission to confront Rift Valley fever outbreak
[2016-12-15] SEK 33 million to young researchers
[2016-12-15] Arctic theme shows our expertise and breadth
[2016-12-14] Umeå University will continue to financially support the Chemical Biological Centre
[2016-12-13] Phytoplankton communities structured by carbon from land
[2016-12-13] Nelson Gekara receives SEK 9 million grant from the Swedish Research Council
[2016-12-12] Lesions found within pancreatic islets provide clue for diabetes research
[2016-12-12] Innovative maternal health interventions reduce mortality in Ethiopia

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