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[2014-10-21] Successful research on child health
[2014-10-16] Campanas / Woods
[2014-10-16] The 3rd eSSENCE Academy Workshop
[2014-10-14] “Imaging cognition II” among the top 10 most cited fMRI articles listed in Web of Science.
[2014-10-14] Umeå University Annual Celebration: 16-18 October 2014
[2014-10-13] Unique catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells synthesized in ordinary kitchen microwave oven
[2014-10-13] Cold sore virus increases the risk of dementia
[2014-10-09] Professor Sujata Patel visits the Department of Sociology at Umeå University
[2014-10-09] Environmental literature and ecocriticism
[2014-10-09] Environmental taxes encourage lower consumption
[2014-10-09] Neurons in human muscles emphasize the impact of the outside world
[2014-10-07] Nominations opened for RiseB's essay prize 2014
[2014-10-06] Sweden's new Prime Minister is a Umeå University alumnus
[2014-09-30] Esteban Guerrero has defended his Lic Thesis
[2014-09-30] Jayalakshmi Baskar has defended her Lic Thesis
[2014-09-30] Nano-engineering enhances charge transport and promises more efficient future solar cells
[2014-09-29] Patrik Svensson coopted as a member of DIGIHUMLAB’s Advisory Board
[2014-09-25] Erasmus+ student exchange programme boosts employability and job mobility
[2014-09-25] Umeå University again #1 in Sweden and the Nordic region in young universities ranking
[2014-09-23] Environmental archaeologist appointed to the Steering Committee of the Swedish National Data Service (SND)
[2014-09-23] Awarded for safe cloud overbooking without crashes
[2014-09-18] Unforeseen dioxin formation in waste incineration
[2014-09-17] Umeå University climbs in world ranking list
[2014-09-11] Smokers with high salt intake are at 'double the risk' of rheumatoid arthritis
[2014-09-08] UID Ranked as Best Design School for 3rd consecutive year
[2014-09-04] Think and Aktum – in Swedish Publishing Prize final round
[2014-09-04] Accepted COBRA Article
[2014-09-04] Computer simulation for a more efficient construction process
[2014-09-01] Umeå researcher named Pro Futura Scientia fellow
[2014-09-01] Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations

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