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[2014-09-18] Unforeseen dioxin formation in waste incineration
[2014-09-11] Smokers with high salt intake are at 'double the risk' of rheumatoid arthritis
[2014-09-08] UID Ranked as Best Design School for 3rd consecutive year
[2014-09-04] Think and Aktum – in Swedish Publishing Prize final round
[2014-09-04] Accepted COBRA Article
[2014-09-04] Computer simulation for a more efficient construction process
[2014-09-01] Umeå researcher named Pro Futura Scientia fellow
[2014-09-01] Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations
[2014-08-27] ALS researchers take on ice cold challenge
[2014-08-27] New issue of the Journal of Northern Studies
[2014-08-26] International conference at MIMS opens
[2014-08-22] Welcome to Infocenter!
[2014-08-22] Welcome to Infocenter!
[2014-08-22] International master’s student completes European bike trek to Umeå
[2014-08-21] Record number of international students to arrive in Umeå
[2014-08-19] Blog about upcoming national election started by Umeå political scientists
[2014-08-19] Umeå University ranked among the world's top 300
[2014-08-18] Lena Palmquist has defended her Lic Thesis
[2014-08-15] Grant for research on simulation of flowing granular material
[2014-08-12] Umeå University introduces UmU card
[2014-08-08] Water-polluting anxiety drug reduces fish mortality
[2014-07-25] Göran Sandberg among world's highly cited researchers
[2014-07-14] Education’s new challenges
[2014-07-10] Molecular snapshots of oxygen formation in photosynthesis
[2014-06-27] Interlayer distance in graphite oxide gradually changes when water is added
[2014-06-26] Ellinor Ädelroth: With the right to make a difference
[2014-06-24] Emmanuelle Charpentier receives Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research
[2014-06-18] Fernström Prize for public health research in low- and middle-income countries
[2014-06-17] Post-doctoral research position in Economics
[2014-06-17] Infection research receives continued Linnaeus Centre funding with 45 million SEK during the second five-year period

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