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First call for the 3rd Learning and Plasticity-meeting, April 2-5, 2017, Äkäslompolo, Finland.


Researchers invited to Nordic Book Fair

Görel Granström, Therese Enarsson and Karin Åström, senior lecturers at the Department of Law, will participate at the annual Göteborg Book Fair this fall and discuss their research regarding victims of crime, academic freedom of speech and harassment and threats online.

New professor with a passion for architecture in areas of political change and social deprivation

Professor Robert Mull, with a background as an architect, teacher, activist, and former Dean of the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London, is the newest addition to the Umeå School of Architecture. He brings new ideas about the social dimensions of architectural practice to the tabl...

September 19, last day to register for the Development of the Human Brain Connectome symposium at Nobel Forum (September 22 2016)


“Every researcher has his or her own obsession. Mine is social justice”

Hello Ambra Trotto! We address five questions for Ambra Trotto, senior lecturer at the Umeå School of Architecture and director of the Interactive Institute.

The future of cranes are digital

Digitalization affects even the future of cranes. That much was clear when around 60 scientists and corporate representantives gathered in Umeå for a theme day on the future of cranes.

EM Symposium at KBC, 22 September 2016

Welcome to the cryo-EM Symposium at KBC, to highlight new methods at UCEM and the Umeå SciLifeLab nod Cryo-EM facility!

Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene at Bildmuseet

Perpetual Uncertainty brings together artists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and the deep time. The exhibition is opened by Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University, on Sun...

The celebrations of the Sociology Department

As a part of celebrations of the Sociology Department's 50th anniversary, there will be a Research Relay on Friday 14 October. During this event, researchers will be presenting their ongoing research. Students and employees from all departments are welcome to attend.

Internationally Renowned Professor at the Department of Applied Educational Science and the Educational Measurement unit

Professor Gavin T. L. Brown is an internationally renowned scholar with expertise in educational assessment and measurement. From the autumn semester of 2016, he is affiliated Professor at the Department of Applied Educational Science, primarily tied to the Educational Measurement unit of the depart...

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