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Single motherhood does not make women unhappy

Raising a child outside of marriage poses many challenges – but does not have a negative impact on women’s happiness, according to new research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

Göran Sandberg receives honorary doctorate in the Czech Republic

Göran Sandberg, professor at Umeå Plant Science Centre and former vice-chancellor of Umeå University, was inaugurated as an honorary doctor at Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

EU millions granted to investigate kidney transplant rejection

The Umeå company AcureOmics AB has received four million SEK in funding from the European Commission for a research project to develop techniques to prevent kidney transplant rejection. The BIOMARGIN project (BIOMArkers of Renal Graft INjuries in kidney allograft recipients) aims to provide more ind...

Pioneering findings on the dual role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis

Researchers at Umeå University have found that carbon dioxide, in its ionic form bicarbonate, has a regulating function in the splitting of water in photosynthesis. This means that carbon dioxide has an additional role to being reduced to sugar. The pioneering work is published in the latest issue o...

Swedish researchers map the risks of new virus epidemic in Europe

The risk of dengue fever beginning to spread in Europe is imminent. According to researchers from Umeå University, this is no longer just an issue for the scientific community but also for politicians and policy makers, who need to be prepared and develop preventive measures.

Extinctions reduce speciation

The same factors that increase the risk of species extinctions also reduce the chance that new species are formed. This is concluded by two biologists at Umeå University. Their findings are published in the April issue of the scientific journal Evolution.

Gösta Skoglund International Fund Winner 2014

On 27 March, the Committee for Gösta Skoglund International Fund to support researchers at Umeå University with travel grant totaling 99,460 SEK and two essay scholarship of SEK 10 000, each, to the best C / D / Master thesis within the Regional Science research area.

Umeå scientist awarded prestigious research prize

Emmanuelle Charpentier, associate professor at Umeå University, has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize – one of the most prestigious awards for young Swedish scientists. She received the prize for her discovery of the structures that control bacterial immunity, which led to the development of a...

Culture and Growth - Magical Components or Mutually Exclusive Counterparts?

Culture and development, creativity and growth in cultural capitals in particular and culture and city in general is the subject of the 8th conference of UNeEC, The University Network of European Capitals of Culture. What challenges and opportunities are there?

New issue of Education Inquiry (Vol 5, No 1, 2014)

2014-03-28 (from 2014-03-12)
The first issue of Education Inquiry in 2014 of available to read and download. It is an international on-line, peer-reviewed journal with free access in the field of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education. It publishes original empirical and theoretical studies from a wide variety of academic d...

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