Upcoming Dissertations

May 2015

5 May at 09:00

Fredrik Hugosson - Molecular Biology

Dissertation Deciphering the Alk pathway in Drosophilia.

8 May at 09:00–12:00

Robert James Buckland - medical biochemistry

Dissertation DNA precursor asymmetries, Mismatch Repair and their effect on mutation specificityinst.

8 May at 13:00–16:00

Mari Bonde - molecular biology

Dissertation Structure and function of the Borrelia burgdorferi Porins, P13 and P66.

8 May at 13:00

Joseph Mumba Zulu - Public Health

Dissertation Integration of national community-based health worker programmes in health systems. Lessons learned from Zambia and other low and middle income countries

8 May at 13:00

Annika Manni - Educational work with a focus on science

Dissertation Emotions, understandings, and values - Student's meaning-making in school activities regarding environmental and sustainability issues.

13 May at 09:00–12:00

Ellinor Holmberg - obstetrics and gynaecology

Dissertation Allopregnaolone effects on food intake and weight gain.

22 May at 09:00–12:00

Jonas Aléx - nursing

Dissertation Cold exposure and thermal comfort among patients in prehospital emergency care.

22 May at 09:00–12:00

Helena Schock - pathology

Dissertation Hormone concentrations during pregnancy and maternal risk of epithelial ovarian cancer.

22 May at 13:00–16:00

Lisa Martinsson - oncology

Dissertation Quality improvement in palliative care – the role of a national quality register and perceptions of information during palliative chemotherapy.

22 May at 13:00

Catarina Andersson - Educational work with a focus on mathematics

Dissertation Professional development in formative assessment: Effects on teacher classroom practice and student achievement.

27 May at 13:00–16:00

Andreas Stomby - medicine

Dissertation Brain function and glucocorticoids in obesity and type 2 diabetes including effects of Lifestyle.

28 May at 10:00

Rickard Degerman - Ecology

Dissertation Response by marine food webs to climate-induced changes in temperature and inflow of allochtonous organic matter.

28 May at 13:30

Venkata Prabhakar Soudham - Chemistry

Dissertation Biochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels.

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