Upcoming Dissertations

February 2016

12 February at 09:00–12:00

Ellinor Larsson

Dissertation Promoting social activities and participation among seniors: Exploring and evaluating social and Internet-based occupational therapy interventions

12 February at 09:00–12:00

Sarwar Mahmood - orthopaedics

Dissertation Leg length discrepancy and femoral-offset after total hip arthroplasty: Clinical and radiologisal studies.

19 February at 09:00–12:00

Niklas Boman

Dissertation Building muscle - a translation of training adaption.

19 February at 10:00

Michael Albers - Organic Chemistry

Dissertation Synthesis and Investigation of bacterial effector molecules.

19 February at 13:00–16:00

Anna Winberg - pediatrics

Dissertation Epidemiology of food hypersensititvity in school children: validation by double-blind placebo-controlled food challenges and biomarkers.

26 February at 09:00–12:00

Marie Honn - molecular biology

Dissertation The oxidative stress response of Francisella tularensis.

26 February at 10:00

Manuela Milan - Environmental Science

Dissertation Long-term development of subalpine lakes: effects of nutrients, climate and hydrological variability as assessed by biological and geochemical sediment proxies..

March 2016

4 March at 13:00

Sacha Escamez - Plant physiology, cell and molecular biology

Dissertation Xylem cells cooperate in the control of lignification and cell death during plant vascular development.

8 March at 09:00–12:00

Erika Boman - nursing

Dissertation Inner strenght as a health resource among older women.

18 March at 09:00–12:00

Tobias Stenlund - physiotherapy

Dissertation Seated postural reactions to mechanical shocks - Laboratory studies with relevance for risk assessment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among drivers.

18 March at 12:00–15:00

Aslak Rautio - medicine

Dissertation Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Risk. Epidemiology, etiology and intervention.

18 March at 13:00–16:00

Gunnar Nilsson

Dissertation Ischaemic heart disease - risk assessment, dianosis and secondary preventive treatment in primary care, with special reference to the relevance of exercise ECG.

18 March at 13:00–16:00

Annelie Holgersson

Dissertation Preparedness for mass-casualty attacks on public transportation.

21 March at 10:15–12:15

Karyn Sandström – språkdidaktik

Dissertation Peer Review Practices of L2 Doctoral Students in the Natural Sciences

April 2016

1 April at 10:00

Daniela Alejandra Figueroa - Ecological Microbiology

Dissertation Bacterioplankton in the Baltic Sea: Influence of allochthonous organic matter and salinity.

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