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September 2018

7 September at 13:00

Hanqing Zhang - fysik

Dissertation Digital holography and image processing methods for applications in biophysics.

13 September at 10:00

Barbara Terebieniec - Plant Molecular Biology

Dissertation Using systems genetics to explore the complexity of leaf shape variation in Populus tremula.

14 September at 09:00–12:00

Mensura Junuzovic - forensic medicine

Dissertation Firearm deaths in Sweden. Epidemiology with emphasis on accidental deaths and prevention.

14 September at 09:00–12:00

Johan Bergh - pathology

Dissertation Structural investigation of SOD1 aggregates in ALS. Identification of prion strains using anti-peptides antibodies.

14 September at 09:00

Michael Saleeb - Chemistry

Dissertation Towards novel antibacterials.

14 September at 13:00–15:00

Kristina Juneblad - reumatology

Dissertation Psoriatic arthritis: A complex disease - analysis on genetic and serological markers and of comorbidity.

21 September at 09:00

Martina Kulén - Chemistry

Dissertation Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Substituted Ring-Fused 2-Pyridones Targeting Listeria monocytogenes and Chlamydia trachomatis.

21 September at 09:00–12:00

Alireza Khatami - Epidemiology and global health

Dissertation It is on my skin, on my soul, and on my life. Development of a disease-specific quality of life instrument for adult patients with acute cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran.

21 September at 12:00

Annelie Lagesson - Environmental Science

Dissertation Fish on Drugs - Behaviour Modifying Contaminants in Aquatic Ecosystems.

27 September at 13:00

Chunli Yan - Computing Science

Dissertation Developing Digital Support for Learning and Diagnostic Reasoning in Clinical Practice.

28 September at 09:00–12:00

Nina Smulter - surgery

Dissertation Delirium after cardiac surgery: risk factors, assessment methods and costs.

28 September at 13:00–16:00

Elisabeth Pietilä-Holmner - rehabilitation medicine

Dissertation Multimodal rehabilitation of patients with chronic musculuskeletal pain with focus on primary care.

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