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Democracy through architecture

Architecture is an important part of democracy. But it’s not enough to simply mix glass, concrete and green spaces. It’s the relationship between the private and public space, built up and green areas... Read more

Democracy under threat

The public sector is governed by a set of core values, in which democracy is mentioned first among the six basic principles. Its superior position clearly stipulates that all public power in Sweden proceeds from the people. Read more

Truthfulness wins the election

The party that delivers the most credible description of reality is likely to succeed in this autumn’s election. That’s one of a few prophecies that political scientist Magnus Blomgren is fairly confident about. Read more

Social innovations for a sustainable society

Social innovations are innovative services, products, processes, collaborations and methods aimed at meeting societal challenges. Umeå University co-organises the annual conference Social Innovations in the North through a research network in the fie... Read more

Language – the key to influence

Swedish pupils are amongst the best in the world when it comes to knowledge on democracy and society. But acting in a democratic way is a whole other story. Read more

The student rising – political activism past and present

A few years ago, you could read a statement along the walk bridge by the university pond that read, ‘Welcome to the left-wing university’. An echo from revolutionary and activist times gone by. How ma... Read more

Thoughtful news

Technology widens our senses

Improved safety aspects, and also enhanced experiences are at the focal point of Rouien Zarin’s research. He designs prototypes for situations that require concentration and coordination, for instance when practising various forms of extreme sports.

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Chronicle from Think no. 1 2018

What's to come, my fears and expectations

Malin Rönnblom."What we’ve learnt about election campaigns is that they’re hard to predict. Voters are deciding later, and what happens in the weeks prior to the election date can be decisive."

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2017-07-05 Technology widens our senses