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Technology widens our senses

Improved safety aspects, and also enhanced experiences are at the focal point of Rouien Zarin’s research. He designs prototypes for situations that require concentration and coordination, for instance when practising various forms of extreme sports.

Experience Arctic Abisko 27–28 June

Abisko in North Sweden holds a special place in the heart of Umeå University during its Arctic year in 2017. The Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) and its collaborative partners bid you a warm welcome to the inauguration of a research trail aime...

Once dangerous, now under threat – and where have millions of people gone?

It is cold, bare and desolate. Never-ending winter. Not a human being in sight, albeit occasionally a polar bear. Or a penguin. That’s the image of the Arctic that is etched to the retinas (or may it be consciousness) of far too many observers.

World Water Day focusing on wastewater

On 22 Wednesday 2017, Umeå and the rest of the World celebrate the World Water Day. This year’s theme is “Why waste water?”. Jerker Fick at the Department of Chemistry leads a research project on purifying wastewater from pharmaceutical residue.

Ending all investments in fossil fuels

Umeå University, the fourth largest institution of higher education in Sweden, has decided to end all investments in companies that produce, process or distribute coal, oil or gas, the so-called fossil fuels.

Winners and losers: climate change will shift vegetation

Projected global warming will likely decrease the extent of temperate drylands by a third over the remainder of the 21st century coupled with an increase in dry deep soil conditions during agricultural growing season. These results have been presente...

Sami jubilee celebrated on campus

This year, Umeå University is putting an extra focus on Arctic research, of which Sami research represents an important part. On Monday 6 February, the Sami National Day is celebrated, also on Campus Umeå. In 2017, this day holds a special importance...

Wallenberg Foundation gives SEK 20 million to Umevatoriet

The space centre, Umevatoriet, in Umeå receives SEK 20 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation for a new dome theatre – where visitors learn as they experience what it’s like to travel across the Universe, through the human body or to o...

Climate changes may lead to more poisonous mercury in plankton

Global warming is expected to increase runoff and input of organic matter to aquatic ecosystems in large regions of the Northern hemisphere including the Baltic Sea. Research performed in Sweden is now indicating a sevenfold increase in poisonous met...

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