Sunshine or Snow – a City for all Seasons

There are few places in Europe where the weather can change as dramatically as it does in Umeå – from warm sunny summer months when the temperature can soar to over 30 degrees to the depths of a real Nordic winter where the thermometer can register minus 20 degrees for several days on end.

Photo: Rolf Eklund

The fact that the weather changes so considerably throughout the year is an important part of daily life in northern Sweden and helps shape the way people live, work and relax.

For instance forest running tracks in the summer are transformed into kilometre after kilometre of well prepared cross-country ski tracks during the winter. Freshwater lakes which are ideal for swimming in during the summer become the perfect spots for skating or ice-fishing once the snow has arrived.

As the seasons change so do the number of sunlight hours. In the summer the sun barely dips below the horizon, providing almost continuous daylight around the clock. December by contrast is the darkest month of the year when the sun struggles to shine for just over four hours a day.

If you’re considering moving to Umeå remember that the weather is part of the amazing experience of living here and is something to be embraced and enjoyed!

Fun Facts

Warmest Day (since 1996): 31.5 Celsius

Coldest Day (since 1996): -33.0 Celsius

Total hours of sunshine: 1800 per year

Sunrise 21 June: 2:21 AM
Sunset 21 June: 10:59 PM

Sunrise 21 Dec: 9:28 AM
Sunset 21 Dec: 1:46 PM

Current Weather in Umeå

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