IKSU Sport: A Passion for Sports & Fitness

One of Europe's largest training facilities is conveniently located at Campus Umeå

Is the frosty winter weather holding you back? Do you dream of swimming in a blue pool and playing sports like beach volleyball, badminton, and floor hockey? Have you declared that this will be the year that you will take that extra step to get physically fit and in shape? Or do you want to experience fitness training in a group setting with your friends like yoga, body pump, punch out, and zumba? Well IKSU Sport club has everything you could dream of and more! IKSU is one of the largest sport facilities in northern Europe, and it is only a 5-minute walk from campus. With over 18,000 members, IKSU is definitely the hottest place to be in the city of Umeå!

Students, faculty and staff love IKSU and the endless fitness possibilities that are available to them there such as indoor beach volleyball, rock climbing, floor hockey, badminton, European handball, swimming, and much more! The fitness gym at IKSU is unlike any other, with a large and diverse selection of cardio and weight training machines. They have multiple machines to tone and strengthen every muscle in your body, and to help you reach your fitness goal. The possibilities at IKSU Sport club are truly endless, and are all yours to discover!

Both Swedish and international students and employees enjoy working out at IKSU every day, and you can hear many different languages spoken throughout the building as you exercise. When you visit IKSU it is always likely that you will meet someone that you know, especially during the evenings when classes are finished. Students especially enjoy the group training classes that IKSU provides. The class trainers are always enthusiastic and ready to help! Not to mention that the classes are made fun and modern with motivating and upbeat music and lots of youth participating.

Another reason to join IKSU is for the health benefits. It is extremely important for students and youth to be physically active throughout their studies. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is not only fun to do, but it is also great for your body- both mentally and physically. Regular exercise has been proven to: help eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety, decrease the risk of developing future health problems such as high blood pressure/heart disease/diabetes/and certain types of cancers, helps maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index) level, builds healthy and strong muscles and bones, improves your bodies balance, and gives you a feeling of wellbeing and personal confidence!

IKSU Sport 

More about sports and fitness in Umeå

There are many opportunities for sports and fitness in Umeå. There are jogging trails and cross-country skiing tracks near the university, as well as football pitches and outdoor hockey rinks. The picturesque Nydala Lake is ideal for walking, running and ice skating. You can see elite level football, floorball and volleyball, including Björköven (Birch Leafs), the hometown favourite ice hockey team.

IKSU Plus is located on Umeå Arts Campus with breathtaking views of the Umeå river.  This location offers group training, gym and condition training.

Text by: Olivia Wright

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Image: Andreas Nilsson, iksu

Here’s what our students love about IKSU:

"I love that I can go to the gym and do my personal work out, then join a group training class, meet with some friends to play a beach volleyball game, and then go for a nice swim in the large indoor pool. You can do all of these great things without leaving the building, which is really unique and efficient. You never get bored!" - Joakim Lundsten

"I love everything about IKSU!"- Akhilesh Radhakrishnan

"My favourite thing about IKSU is definitely their beach volleyball court!"- Ulf Sten

"I’ve never had this much fun exercising. I have also been introduced to a lot of new ways to work out, like total training and yoga!"- Rebecca Glas

"The thing I like the most about IKSU is that when you go there you always meet someone you know. It is the best meeting point for students in Umeå outside of the university!"- Vasili Mankevich

"The best thing about IKSU is that there is a wide range of activities and sports gathered right under the same roof."- Erik Johansson

"I like to play badminton, volleyball, and run on the treadmill."- Emma Rosendahl