Tenure track positions in Infection biology and Cancer research at WCMM

[2017-12-15] Tenure track research positions as Assistant Professor (Associate Senior Lecturer) at WCMM are now open for application. In these announcements, the Centre is looking for outstanding researchers – Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows - to be positioned within the areas of Infection biology or Cancer research.

Each tenure track position is supported with a generous 6-year starting package including funding equivalent to two Postdoctoral Associates, two PhD Student recruitments and 6 million SEK for running costs. The successful candidates will be working in strong internationally recognized research environments and have access to excellent local and national research infrastructures including unique collections of longitudinal samples in existing biobanks. The deadline of application is February 4th 2018.

Link to Announcements in Infection biology and Cancer research.

Read more about the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Umeå University here.

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