Personal data handling

Below, you will find information about how Umeå University handles personal data collected through our website,

Responsibilty for personal data handling

Umeå University is responsible for the handling of personal data collected through the website
Our personal data officer (PULO) is Tina Nordström, Assisting University Lawyer.

Reasons for handling personal data

Umeå University registers personal data when you apply for participation in a course, a conference or some other event arranged by the University. Umeå University stores this information to be able to administer and follow up courses and events.

Personal data transfer

Your personal data may also be transferred to those who need access to these data in connection with electronic document processing, intended to honour an agreement with you, a legal obligation to you, a task of public interest or during exercise of public authority, where these data need to be processed.

The right of information

According to Section 26 of the law of personal data (Personuppgiftslagen, 1998:204), you have the right to request information once a year about those personal data concerning you that are being handled by Umeå University, irrespective of whether those data have been collected through this website or in some other way. If you want to receive this information, you must submit a written and signed request to us. According to the law of personal data, such a request must be made on paper, and cannot be sent by email.

Personal data handling in socila media

Umeå University may collect personal data also in so-called social media, like Facebook, Twitter and others – because postings on the authority's "areas" are considered public documents, and therefore may be archived, usually temporally.

Personal data that might be stored when archiving, will only be store in "unstructured form".

Personal data that may occur in, for example, surveys, competitions and "apps" will not be stored.

Umeå University will never forward personal data to third parties. However, companies and providers of communication platform – like Facebook – normally have their their own privacy policies.