Legal Framework at Umeå University

In August 2008, the Vice-Chancellor approved a new basic structure for the all governing documents at the university. The reason for this was the absence of a collective structure and a uniform terminology for legal framework documents.

A collective overview of legal framework documents at Umeå University promotes the follow-up and dissemination of current regulations, and reduces the risk for overlapping of the documents. On the side of this page, a collection of university-wide legal framework documents that have been approved by the University Board or Vice-Chancellor are listed. They all have the objective of governing the organisation in a certain way.

Publication on this website is in accordance with the main groups in the Registry plan: Organisation, Finance, Personnel, Property, Environment and IT, as well as Education and Research. Legal framework documents will be published regardless if they are audited or not. As the documents are reviewed, the older documents will be exchanged for the newer versions.

The English translations of the documents are presented on these pages. All the documents under each main group can be found via the menu on the left.

Code of rules and procedures for the undergraduate education

From August 2013, the Legal Framework at Umeå University replaces the Code of rules and procedures for the undergraduate education.

This is due to organisational changes and to  and to clarify and raise the university-wide regulations at Umeå University in one place.

Working party for the Legal Framework (Regelverksgrupp)

The working party for the Legal Framework at Umeå University is represented by the the administrative units responsible for the majority of the regulatory documents. The group functions as a reference to the Academic Secretary in the development and maintenance of rules, and monitors the documents within the area of rules which he represents. Each unit appoints a member.

Coordinator and editor: Daniel Andersson

Main group Unit Responsible persons
Organisation Vice-Chancellor's Office
Planning Office
Chatarina Wiklund
Ester Roos Engstrand
Finance Financial Office Kristina Strindlund
Personnel Office for Human Resources Ann-Christin Edlund
Environment and IT Building Office Jörgen Sandström
Education and Research Student Services
Planning Office
Annica Höglund
Ester Roos Engstrand

Page Editor: Daniel Andersson

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