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Costs for students at Umeå University – rules and guidelines
Quality Mangement System for First and Second-Cycle Education at Umeå UniversityRules and guidelines for written exams Policy document for written exams Grading and examination regulations for first and second cycle studiesCourse evaluations – implementation and responsibilityRegulations for student influence at Umeå University
Pedagogical plan of action for Umeå University 2010-2013 Admission regulations for doctoral education at Umeå University 180608Regulations for doctoral education at Umeå university 180626Administrative procedure for the withdrawal of resources from doctoral students at Umeå UniversityOpen Access Policy for scientific publishing at Umeå UniversityProcedure for support for disabled students Rules for placements and study visits at Umeå UniversityUmeå University’s internationalisation strategy for educationPolicy document for transfer of credits at first and second cycles
Quality Assurance System for Doctoral Education at Umeå UniversityRules for drawing up course syllabuses at first cycle and second cycle levels ("kursplanemall")Rules for unofficial documents regarding the completion of study programmes (find diploma templates on Templates with logo)Rules for study administration at first- and second-cycle levelsAdministrative procedures - disciplinary matters

Administrative Procedures for Status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus-Emerita

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