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[2016-05-04] Galina Biedenbach has received seed money from the USBE Research Institute
[2016-05-04] Aggregated protein in nerve cells can cause ALS
[2016-05-03] Unanimous Pro-Vice-Chancellor recommendation
[2016-05-03] New drug against nerve agents in sight
[2016-05-02] Group activities reduced depressive symptoms among older people with dementia
[2016-04-29] CRISPR enzyme scissors cutting both DNA and RNA
[2016-04-28] Hans Adolfsson will become new Vice-Chancellor
[2016-04-27] Nature: Feature article on Emmanuelle Charpentier
[2016-04-27] RiseB thesis prize 2016 to Anna Zhan and Josefin Halvarsson at Stockholm School of Economics
[2016-04-26] National aptitude test for newly arrived doctors in Umeå
[2016-04-25] Comprehensive study of the health of Indigenous peoples
[2016-04-22] This year’s Fine Arts graduation show opens at Bildmuseet
[2016-04-22] Great interest in new Master Programme
[2016-04-22] Mapping risk zones of mosquito-borne disease
[2016-04-22] Do fish survive in streams in winter?
[2016-04-20] Mild weather since 1970s worrying for the American view on climate threat
[2016-04-20] Global travel and warming climates may expose parts of Europe to dengue
[2016-04-20] Umeå University increasingly popular among students
[2016-04-19] Future Forest acknowledged internationally for its collaboration
[2016-04-18] Seminar with Professor Andrew Brown "Stories and high reliability organizing: A case study of sensemaking in the English Environment Agency”

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