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[2015-10-01] Molecular nanoribbons as electronic highways
[2015-09-30] Umeå University makes big leap in global ranking
[2015-09-30] Medical Daily: Grandmothers Who Smoke Cigarettes During Pregnancy May Increase Asthma Risk In Grandchildren
[2015-09-30] New method to predict the workload for online services
[2015-09-28] Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew has defended his PhD thesis
[2015-09-28] Opening up product design to the consumer through 3D printing
[2015-09-25] Apply for exchange studies outside of Europe!
[2015-09-24] Architecture students collaborate to improve conditions for EU migrants
[2015-09-24] New rector at Umeå School of Business and Economics
[2015-09-22] Learning and Plasticity meeting in Äkäslompolo, Finland, April 4-6 2016
[2015-09-21] The MMA sport: more than just violence and fighters in a cage
[2015-09-21] Aurora, the students light and quiet room for rest and recovery, closes from September 28th
[2015-09-21] Exhibition: Macroscopic Stillness
[2015-09-21] A newly discovered mechanism controls the number of immune cells
[2015-09-17] Scavenger hunt led to high-flying prize
[2015-09-16] Preparations for the university's Anniversary Party will affect Infocenter on September 17
[2015-09-16] Umeå University slips in global ranking
[2015-09-15] Open lecture with professor Gunther Kress
[2015-09-15] Conference invitation: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
[2015-09-14] New genetic cause for osteoporosis identified in international study

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