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[2014-04-23] Trailer Gallery presents Tom-Hadar Elde
[2014-04-22] Master of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition at Bildmuseet
[2014-04-22] Single motherhood does not make women unhappy
[2014-04-17] The Swedish Project Academy has awarded prizes to theses at Umeå School of Business and Economics
[2014-04-16] EU/EEA application deadline extended to 16 April
[2014-04-15] Göran Sandberg receives honorary doctorate in the Czech Republic
[2014-04-14] EU millions granted to investigate kidney transplant rejection
[2014-04-13] Pioneering findings on the dual role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis
[2014-04-11] THE: Magnetic north plans to reset the cultural compass
[2014-04-07] Swedish researchers map the risks of new virus epidemic in Europe
[2014-04-04] Extinctions reduce speciation
[2014-04-03] Umeå School of Business and Economics received the same good reviews as presented by the International Student Barometer
[2014-04-03] Three proposals for the future Universum on campus
[2014-04-02] Timing training can increase accuracy in golf and soccer
[2014-04-02] Gösta Skoglund International Fund Winner 2014
[2014-04-01] Umeå scientist awarded prestigious research prize
[2014-03-31] Culture and Growth - Magical Components or Mutually Exclusive Counterparts?
[2014-03-28] Umeå University becomes national resource for advanced electron microscopy
[2014-03-28] USBE researcher received the "Highly commended paper award"
[2014-03-28] International students at Umeå University most satisfied in Europe

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