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[2015-04-17] 34 Brazilian students to Umeå University in 2015/16
[2015-04-17] Top lecturers to TEDx Umeå April 23
[2015-04-16] Dean for Umeå School of Business and Economics
[2015-04-16] Aging of societies, bodies and minds. Meeting June 2-3 2015 in Umeå
[2015-04-14] Umeå University 2015/16 scholarship recipients announced
[2015-04-14] New publications with a focus on gender from Umeå Group for Premodern Studies
[2015-04-13] Emmanuelle Charpentier named in Time magazine’s ‘100 most influential people in world' list
[2015-04-10] Major grant to establish new molecular medicine centre at Umeå University
[2015-04-09] CEO Branding – Theory and Practice by Routledge
[2015-04-08] Strokes can double the likelihood of attempted suicide
[2015-04-02] Umeå University first in Sweden for international student satisfaction
[2015-03-31] Lars Karlsson awarded as young teacher
[2015-03-31] An efficient path from carbon to renewable fuel production
[2015-03-26] Nominate to the pedagogical prize
[2015-03-25] Whole Earth – Climate Change and Global Health
[2015-03-25] Call for abstracts: “Beyond the nuclear family: the philosophy of close personal relationships”
[2015-03-25] Prominent ALS researcher at Umeå University named Wallenberg Clinical Scholar
[2015-03-24] Post-doctoral position in Statistics
[2015-03-23] Tools for resilient communities – Made in Sliperiet
[2015-03-23] Workplaces with equal mix of men and women happiest

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