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[2015-11-26] Lina Trulsson awarded with the 2015 Michael Treschow scholarship
[2015-11-25] Save the date, Workshop on Bayesian approaches in neuroscience, February 2, 2016
[2015-11-24] Ultrasound examinations can identify patients at risk of stroke
[2015-11-24] Pre-travel advice does not reduce the risk of falling ill while travelling
[2015-11-23] Computers can perceive image curves like artists
[2015-11-23] New Master’s in peace and conflict studies at Umeå University
[2015-11-20] Police presence around campus
[2015-11-19] NLAFET – a high-profile computing research project funded with nearly €4 million
[2015-11-19] Million grant for the future of supercomputers
[2015-11-19] Faculty of Social Sciences holds Anniversary Symposium
[2015-11-19] Ultrasound can measure effects of atherosclerosis drugs
[2015-11-18] First prize in the thesis competition on innovation organized by Vinnova and ESBRI.
[2015-11-17] “Green light in the tunnel”: Opinion of the Swedish Board of Agriculture – a CRISPR-Cas9-mutant but not a GMO
[2015-11-16] Minute of silence after the terrorist attacks around the world
[2015-11-15] Female employment and taxation
[2015-11-15] FairTax Copenhagen Meeting September 2015
[2015-11-15] "Tax for Our Times: How the Left Can Reinvent Taxation"
[2015-11-13] Announcement of funding from Gösta Skoglund International Fund
[2015-11-13] Research collaboration over drug for chronic wounds
[2015-11-12] PhD student Anne Deininger wins prize for best poster

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