The Swedish Bioinformatics Advisory Program 2017

[2017-11-10] For the third time the SciLifeLab the National Bioinformatics platform offers within the Bioinformatics Advisory Programme new mentorship possibilities for PhD students

The SciLifeLab bioinformatics platform (NBIS) offers a track where PhD students from any Swedish institute can get asenior bioinformatician as a personal advisor for up to two years of their PhDstudies.High-throughput technologies are transforming< the demands on scientists in genomicsand other medical and biological research fields. As many research groups are in need of large-scale data analyses, we see a need to complement the traditional role of the supervisors with bioinformaticsconsulting directed towards PhD students.The program is free of charge.Program outline:

  • One start-up meeting, where the advisor visits the research group.
  • One mandatory meeting per month,where the PhD student, supervisor and advisor meet in person or over video.
  • Two grand meetings (1-2 days) per year for all PhD students, supervisors and advisors in the program.

Period: 2018-2019

Application deadline: Dec 12, 2017

Information and Application:

Editor: Eva-Maria Diehl
Tel: 5731

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