Anita Sellstedt, professor

Director of Studies Equal Opportunities Representative

Jan Karlsson, senior research engineer

IT Co-ordinator International Contact Person Web Master Directory Co-ordinator

Thomas Hiltonen, senior research engineer

Equal Opportunities Representative Work Environment Representative Fire Safety Representative

Head of Department Stefan Jansson
Assistant Head of Department Per Gardeström
Assistant head of dept
Director of Studies Anita Sellstedt
Director of studies
Laszlo Bako
Director of studies (master programme)
Programme Co-ordinator Stefan Jansson
Programme co-ordinator (master programme)
Administrator Jenny Bagglund
Department Administrator
Rebecca Gramner
Department Administrator
Robert Andersson
Finance coordinator
International Contact Person Jan Karlsson
IT Co-ordinator Jan Karlsson
Simon Birve
Directory Co-ordinator Jan Karlsson
Web Master Jan Karlsson
Web master
Simon Birve
Web master
Work Environment Representative Thomas Hiltonen
Work environment representative
Fire Safety Representative Thomas Hiltonen
Equal Opportunities Representative Anita Sellstedt
Representative for the Equality of Opportunity
Thomas Hiltonen
Representative for the Equality of Opportunity

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