Anna Norberg, other position

Medical and Clinical Genetics Pathology

Åsa Lundsten, administrative secretary

Administrator Work Environment Representative Directory Co-ordinator IT Co-ordinator

Joint staff

Head of Department Gunilla Olivecrona
Deputy Head of Department Richard Palmqvist
Head of Unit Gunilla Olivecrona
Head of Unit at Physiological Chemistry
Monica Holmberg
Head of Unit at Medical and Clinical Genetics
Richard Palmqvist
Head of Unit at Pathology
Torbjörn Nilsson
Head Unit of Clinical Chemistry
Administrator Terry Persson
Adm at Medical Biosciences and Physiological Chemistry
Åsa Lundsten
Buyer, Manageress
IT Co-ordinator Åsa Lundsten
Computer Manager
Directory Co-ordinator Carina Ahlgren
Terry Persson
Åsa Lundsten
Web Master Johan Hultdin
Work Environment Representative Anna Löfgren-Burström
Solveig Nilsson
Medical Biosciences/Physiological Chemistry
Åsa Lundsten
Medical Biosciences
Fire Safety Representative Lars Bläckberg
Fire Safety Representative
Ulla-Stina Spetz
Fire Safety Representative
Equal Opportunities Representative Eva Lundin

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