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Daniel Lindmark

Professor at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Keywords: religious history; educational history; Saami studies; (post)colonial studies; print culture; cultural encounters; reconciliation activities; use of history

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I am currently in charge of three major research projects focusing on the northern space. In "Religous and Educational History of Northern Sweden" (NOKOUT), funded by two research programs at Umeå University, I study the representation of church history in non-academic writers' publications of various genres, including textbooks, children's books, travel books, biographies, articles in religious yearbooks and magazines, etc. Among the authors studied are Julia Svedelius and Carl Edquist. The NOKOUT project is linked to the Religious History of the North network (REHN).

Since November 2012, I have coordinated "The Church of Sweden and the Saami: A White Book Project", which is financed by the Church of Sweden Research Unit. In April 2016, the white book on the historical relations between the Church of Sweden and the Saami people was published (De historiska relationerna mellan Svenska kyrkan och samerna: En vetenskaplig antologi, eds. Daniel Lindmark & Olle Sundström, Skellefteå: Artos & Norma, 2016). This broad account of problematic areas will be followed by a shorter popular science version, in which a summary of the contents of the first book will be supplemented with more ideological texts written by representatives of the Saami and the church (Samerna och Svenska kyrkan: Underlag för kyrkligt försoningsarbete, eds. Daniel Lindmark & Olle Sundström, Möklinta: Gidlunds, to be published in 2017).

The third project is funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas: "Saami Voices and Sorry Churchers: Use of History in Church-Saami Reconciliation Processes". In this project, which is basically a doctoral dissertation project (Mardoeke Boekraad), I problematize certain aspects of the white book project on the Church of Sweden and the Saami people, including the role of historians in truth commissions and white book projects. So far, two articles have been published (in the anthology Gränsöverskridande kyrkohistoria: De språkliga minoriteterna på Nordkalotten, ed. Daniel Lindmark, Umeå: Religious History of the North, 2016).