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Master's programmes

Advance your career with an international master's degree. We offer over 40 degrees across many disciplines.

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Are you wondering what it's really like to study at Umeå University? Ask one of our current students.

Featured stories

Naresh Kumar Wagri, doktorand, Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik, Umeå universitet
Increased understanding of lime kilns fired with biofuel

In his thesis Naresh Kumar Wagri shows challenges due to the properties of biofuels.

Man med grå kavaj, vit skjorta och kortklippt hår i labbmiljö.
Nobel laureate Ferenc Krausz visits Umeå University

Gives an open lecture in Aula Nordica and visits the Umeå physicist's laser laboratory.

Ett par fötter och ben under vattnet.
Disease-causing bacteria thrive in browner water

A new thesis reveals how climate change can promote potentially dangerous bacteria in the Baltic Sea.

Upcoming Events

International students on campus.
Webinar: Study at Umeå University
Time 15:00 - 16:30
Place Zoom
Lucia on campus with the Umeå Student Choir
Lucia on campus with the Umeå Student Choir!
Time 12:10 - 12:40
Place Aula Nordica
Man i kavaj.
Meet this year's Nobel laureate in Physics Ferenc Krausz
Time 14:00 - 15:00
Place Aula Nordica
Melting permafrost increases greenhouse gas from arctic lakes

When permafrost melts greenhouse gas emission from arctic lakes increase, as quantified in a new study.

Arctic lakes “reactors” or “chimneys” for carbon dioxide

The period of ice-cover and subsequent ice-melt is important for understanding CO2 emission from arctic lakes.

Outstanding research in focus when the U.S. Ambassador visits the Arctic Centre

The Arctic has become an increasingly important region, not least in connection with climate change.

Student voices

"This programme has been a transformative experience for me"

Meet Nwoku Amy from Nigeria, master's student in public health with a specialization in health economics.

“I’ve learned a lot about the different directions to pursue after my studies”

Meet Joost Vossers, master's student in Artificial Intelligence from the Netherlands.

"It's been a pretty cool journey of learning and self-discovery!"

Meet Silvia Estela Morales Gutiérrez, master's student in Cognitive Science from Guatemala.

Climate and sustainability

Umeå University's ambition is to actively contribute to the sustainable transition of society.

Vision and strategies

The vision and basic values form the basis for how students and staff should treat each other and the planet.

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