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Umeå University is not an academic island. We seek to share our knowledge and our research findings. External contacts are of extreme importance, as is an on-going dialogue with the general public, with the public sector and with industry.

To this end, we have established special resources aimed at building bridges of understanding and mutual enlightenment between education/research and society/industry. Among these special resources are organisations such as the Office for External Relations and Uminova Innovation.

International Office

International Office cooperates with faculties and departments at Umeå University to facilitate the possibilities for students, teachers and administrative staff to participate in mobility schemes that aim to provide an international dimension to their study or work experience. Together, they also work to provide a good level of service to the international students at our university.

International Office manages and coordinates the university's participation in the Nordic Centres in India and as well as the Erasmus, Nordplus and Linnaeus-Palme programme. Umeå University cooperates with more than 900 international universities throughout the world.

Umeå University has been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education – a form of permit that allows the university to participate in the new exchange programme Erasmus+. The Erasmus Charter is valid until the academic year 2020/2021.

More information about Umeå University's overall international strategy can be found in our Erasmus policy statement.

For partner universities

International research cooperation

Grants Office supports external stakeholders – enterprises, organisations and individuals – in finding partners for collaboration on research and development, and for joint action in areas of mutual interest. They provides information and support to the university´s researchers concerning funding from the Structural Funds of the European Union, and the European Union Framework Programmes for Research and Development.

Uminova Innovation AB

Companies in need of research skills can obtain help through Uminova Innovation AB, whose main aim is to stimulate an exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between the University and the industry. Uminova Innovation AB is a gateway to the research resources available at the University, but it is also a gateway to the industry for researchers.

The centre catalogues, investigates and evaluates research results from the point of view of commercial viability. When research is found to be of commercial interest, Uminova Innovation can assist the researcher through all the necessary steps to establishing a company.

Uminova Innovation

You are welcome to contact us!

The External Relations Office functions as a support and a contact for companies, organisations, and authorities who wish to cooperate with Umeå University.

You are welcome to contact us when you need help to develop an idea for a collaboration or improve your level of professional competence.

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