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Ready for your conferment?

Umeå University invites all doctors who have completed their doctoral degree at the University to be conferred at the Spring Graduation.

Your conferment does not need to take place the same year as you receive your doctoral degree certificate. It can take place later. Please note that no doctors will have their degree conferred at the Annual Celebration Ceremony in the autumn.

Spring Graduation 2020

Set times

Friday 15 May 2020

14:00-aprox. 15.45 Rehearsal in Aula Nordica. No dress code is applied.
18:00-20.00 Vice-Chancellor's reception. Dress code: Jacket required.

Saturday 16 May

15:00 Gathering before the ceremony in Universitetsklubben, top floor of Universum. You must be there by 15:30 at the latest. Dress code: Formal dress.
16:00 Ceremony in Aula Nordica. Dress code for doctors: Formal dress.
18:00 Banquet. Dress code: Formal or informal dress.

If you want to participate in the Spring Graduation you must attend the rehearsal, the gathering and the ceremony. It is optional to attend the Vice-Chancellor's reception and the banquet.

What are the requirements for participating?

1. To be able to attend the Spring Graduation 2020 you must register.
Sign up for an alert of when the registration opens in the beginning of February 2020.

2. The following needs to be completed in the beginning of May 2020:

  • Your dissertation must be completed and registered in Ladok.
  • All your courses and other equivalent requirements for a doctoral degree must be completed and registered in Ladok.
  • Your application for the doctoral degree must be sent in.
    Read about how to apply for the doctoral degree.

Information about the Spring Graduation 2020

Friday 15 May


At 14:00-aprox. 15:45 in Aula Nordica

At the rehearsal, we will explain the ceremonial process. You will be allocated a position in the procession and we will practice the procession and the recession, entry and exit. Some doctors from each faculty will rehearse the conferment, and some award recipients will rehearse the award ceremony. No dress code is applied to the rehearsal.

Vice-Chancellor's reception

At 18:00–20:00

After the reharesal there will be a reception for doctors, jubilee doctors (doctors who had their doctoral degree conferred 50 years ago) and award recipients with one accompanying guest. Canapés and wine or non-alcoholic alternatives will be served. A separate invite will be sent out in March.

Dress code for the Vice-Chancellor's reception

  • Suit or odd jacket and pants (not jeans) with a white or discreet colored shirt and tie or fly. The suit or jacket may be dark or pale.
  • Dress or skirt that is more elegant than usual everyday wear. The length is short, which means a length below the knee.

Saturday 16 May

Gathering before the ceremony

At 15:00 in Universitetsklubben, Universum

The ceremony is preceded by a gathering for doctors, jubilee doctors, award recipients, the University Management and promotors in Universitetsklubben. The gathering starts at 15:00, but you must be in place at 15:30 at the latest. Your accompanying guests do not join the gathering.

Wear your ceremonial attire to this event. Before you enter the auditorium, you should find your position in the procession under the guidence of the faculty marshals.

Doctoral insignia

The insignias at the conferment ceremony are doctoral hat or laurel wreath, doctoral ring and diploma.

You who belong to the Faculty of Medicine, are honoured with a doctoral hat and you are responsible for arranging a hat. You can borrow, rent or buy one.

You who belong to the Faculties of Science and Technology, Social Sciences or Arts, are honoured with a laurel wreath. The University orders the laurel wreath, but you will pay for it yourself. If you want to you may buy a doctoral hat to use in later festive settings.

It is optional to buy the doctoral ring. At the ceremony, those who bought the ring have already put them on, to avoid delays. The handover is therefore merely symbolic.

The diploma will only be given to doctors attending the ceremony. Please note that the diploma doesn't replace the official degree certificate.

More information about the doctoral insignia


At 16:00 in Aula Nordica

The ceremony, held at the university auditorium Aula Nordica, begins with a procession where the doctors, jubilee doctors and award recipients enter the auditorium and take their seats on stage.

The programme starts with a speech by the Vice-Chancellor. The promotor from each faculty (usually the pro or vice dean) then begins to confer the jubilee doctors by handing over the diploma and then the doctors by handing over the insignia; doctoral hat/laurel wreath, the ring (a symbolic hand over), and the diploma. Thereafter, the awards are distributed. The doctors, jubilee doctors and the award recipients do not give speeches. The ceremony ends with a recessional of the participants.

The ceremony lasts for about two hours and is highlighted by songs and music.

Who may witness the ceremony?

Anyone who wants to witness the ceremony is welcome and no tickets are needed.

Seating at the ceremony

You, the other doctors, jubilee doctors and award recipients are seated on stage.

Your guests will sit in the auditorium on non-reserved seats. Some rows are, however, reserved for special guests of the University and for guests with special needs, i.e. disabilities or young children.

Children at the ceremony

For children, the ceremony can be both long and boring, so we do not recommend bringing children. If that is not possible, someone must be prepared to take the child outside if he or she disturbs the other guests.

Photo and film

The ceremony will be broadcast live on the website and on Facebook and the film will be pubished on our website after the ceremony. The University will publish a photo after the ceremony that you can down load.

Your guests may photograph and film during the ceremony as long as they show consideration.

The graduation ceremony publication

A publication – written in Swedish – of the doctors to be graduated will be handed out before the ceremony. The following is an example in English:

Anna Andersson
Doctor of medicine.
Doctoral thesis: Glucose and lipid metabolism in insulin resistance.
Subject: Medicine


At 18:00 in the Universum restaurant

The banquet starts after the ceremony with a welcome drink. A three course menu will be served with wine or alcohol-free refreshments.A number of brief speeches will be made during the dinner by speakers who have been asked in advance. After the coffee there will be dancing. 

Who can participate?

  • Doctors, jubilee doctors, award recipients and their guests.
  • Employees and official guests invited by the University.
  • Employees who attend at their own expense.

In the middle of March the invitations from the University will be sent out and there will be information in News for employees for staff who wants to attend at their own expense.

Registration of guests to the banquet

You can invite friends, family, and colleagues. Children under the age of ten do not usually participate in the banquet. Please note that children under the age of 18 will have the same menu as the adults, but without the wine.

You register your guests when you register yourself. You may also register guests afterwards by sending an e-mail with name, food allergy/vegetarian food and age under 18.

How much does it cost?

You and one accompanying guest are invited for free to the banquet.

You can invite additional guests. 2019 the cost was SEK 770 per person and SEK 600 for adolescents under the age 18. The invoice for additional guests will be sent to your address stated in the registration after the Spring Graduation.

Seating at the banquet

You and your guests will sit together. You can also wish to be seated nearby some other doctor, award recipient or university guest.

Dress code for the ceremony and banquet

For you


You must wear formal dress, i.e.

  • full-length evening gown in any colour
  • full-length skirt with a top in any colour
  • white tie and tails and white waistcoat
  • folk costume (formal wear)
  • national costume (formal wear)
  • academic gown.

You must not wear any potential headgear that comes with your outfit in the procession or at the ceremony. If you have questions about your outfit please contact

For your guests

Guests who will also participate in the banquet after the ceremony should wear formal or informal evening dress, i.e.

  • long or short (length under the knee) evening gown in any colour
  • long or short (length under the knee) skirt and top in any colour
  • white tie and tails and white waistcoat
  • dark business suit with a white shirt and fly or tie
  • national costume
  • folk costumes.

Adolescents may dress less formally; a pretty dress or a white shirt with dark pants and a tie or a bow tie.

Guests who only attend the ceremony, may dress as they please.

Ribbons and doctoral hats

The ribbon of an order may be worn by you or your guests. Only the promotor, the jubilee doctors and doctors at the Faculty of Medicine participating in the ceremony will wear doctoral hats.

Renting white tie and tails

In Umeå, you can rent, at you own expense, white tie and tails including black patent shoes at Högtidskläder, Västra Norrlandsgatan 22 A, tel. 090-77 02 17. To rent white tie and tails, Högtidskläder needs to know (all in centimetres):

  • the size of your collar
  • your suit size
  • the width of your chest
  • the width of your waist
  • the sleeve length from your shoulder
  • inseam trouser length (from crotch).

What do your guests need to know?

You invite your guest and give them the information they need for now, for example information about dress code, time and date. Some weeks before the Graduation you will receive information by e-mail that you can pass on to your guests.

Order the doctoral insignia
Order the doctoral insignia

Here you can find information on how to order the doctoral hat, laurel wreath and doctoral ring.

Film: The degree conferment of two doctors
The degree conferment of two doctors

Here you can see the degree conferment of two doctors (they are also interview in Swedish).

Contact us

Reach the staff behind the Spring Graduation on

Charlotte Wiberg, +46 70-201 15 40, Master of Ceremonies
Marika Wahlberg, +46 90-786 64 64, Communications Officer
Maud Lie, +46 90-786 68 54, Administrator