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Press and media information

Umeå University assists the press and media in matters concerning research, education and general enquires. Contact our faculty communications officers or our press officer if you have any questions.

Services for the press

Here you will find press images to download, lists to find futher scientific experts across the nation at Expertanswer and information about Umeå University.
Key figures
Key figures

Discover key facts and figures about Umeå University.

Contact information


General Press Inquiries

+46 (0)90-786 50 89


Arts and Humanities

Per Melander
+46 (0)90-786 93 79



Ola Nilsson
+46 (0)90-786 69 82
+46 (0)70-353 26 48


Social Sciences

Elin Andersson
+46 (0)90-786 90 31


Science and Technology

Ingrid Söderbergh
+46 (0)90-786 60 24
+46 (0)70-604 03 34

Find an expert

Are you looking for an expert in a specific field? Browse our lists of experts or contact our faculty communications officers.
Experts in nature, science and technology
Experts in nature, science and technology

Find an expert in technology and natural sciences at Umeå University.

Experts in political and social science
Experts in political and social science

Find an expert in political and social science at Umeå University.

International media services

Find our press releases through our international media services.

  • EurekAlert! The global source for science news, operated by AAAS.
  • AlphaGalileo An independent business to business service for the research and media communities.

Crisis and emergency communications

In time of an emergency or serious incident, a crisis management group is prepared to disseminate information. Contact information can be obtained at the Communications Office.