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Vision and basic values

The Vision for Umeå University and the Umeå University common basic values form the basis for how students and employees should treat each other and society, and what future we want for ourselves.

Vision for Umeå University

The vision charts our way forward, describes where Umeå University aspires to be in the future, and is anchored in three guiding principles:

  • Responsibility for the future
  • Collaborative development of knowledge
  • Competitive edge and pride

The overall principles describe the responsibility that Umeå University assumes for meeting societal challenges, our plan to further the development of research and education, and how we will position ourselves in the world and increase our ability to attract students, members of faculty and staff, collaborative partners and funding.

The vision is primarily designed for university faculty, staff and students, and should be the basis for all organisational planning. It will remain valid as long as it is considered meaningful and provides an effective guide for the choices, priorities and decisions made at all organisational levels.

The Vision was established by the University Board on 3 April 2019 and replaces Vision 2020.

Vision for Umeå University

Download the Vision for Umeå University in english.

Vision for Umeå University

Read Vision for Umeå University

Basic values at Umeå University

The state sector's common basic values form the basis for the basic values at Umeå University. It collect norms and values that should characterise the everyday work at public authorities. The aim of such basic values is to create a common approach in how to treat one another.

The state sector's common basic values

The state sector's common basic values for central government employees was formed in 2013. These values are common for all civil servants at all governmental organisations and are based upon six legal principles:


We work on behalf of the citizens and comply with decisions made by the Swedish Riksdag and the Swedish Government.


Everything we do must be supported by law, and we are familiar with and comply with the legislation applicable to our organisation.


We observe an objective and impartial approach and treat every case equally. We do not accept bribes.

Free formation of opinion

Transparency and freedom of expression are pillars of democracy and everyone is entitled to insight into government activities. Employees are entitled to talk about what goes on at the public authority, with the exception of confidential matters.

Respect for all people’s equal value, freedom and dignity

We treat everyone equally and with respect.

Efficiency and service

We provide citizens with correct and comprehensible information as quickly as possible. We work efficiently and conserve our resources.

Working material

Umeå University has developed working material that departments, offices and teams can use to discuss dilemmas that can arise in regular working life. The material consists of a book containing 47 dilemmas, four films and a brochure. All are available in Swedish and English.

Dilemma films

There are four films available that present examples of different situations that can arise. Subtitling can be enabled in Vimeo once you have clicked the link and accessed the film.
The Library

About the researcher above the law.

The corridor

Freedom of speech or lack of respect


After-work with a bad aftertaste.

Introduction of students

An open or elitist university?

Book and brochure

The book "Everyday dilemmas – Working with basic values in practice at Umeå University" contains 47 dilemmas on various themes designed to arouse emotions and discussion.

The brochure describes the work on the common basic values at Umeå University.

Everyday dilemmas – Working with basic values in practice at Umeå University

Brochure on basic values

More information for staff about our basic values is available on the intranet Aurora.

Illustration: Eva Helena Larsson

Latest update: 2022-10-03