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Externally associated researchers

Arctic Centre at Umeå University offers researchers outside Umeå University the possibility of becoming a part of our network as externally affiliated researchers. Several of these have previously been employed by Umeå University but has now gone on to work in other organisations, but are still connected to Arctic Centre through their interest in Arctic research.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Associated at SLU

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Tapio Alakörkkö

Tapio Alakörkkö is former head of the Umeå Institute of Design, former head of Sliperiet at Umeå University, former faculty director for the Faculty of Forest Science at SLU, and currently works as a regional strategist at SLU.

Eva Krab

I am a soil ecologist interested in understanding how environmental changes affect soil organism communities and soil processes in cold ecosystems. I study to what extent these changes affect interactions between soil fauna, microbes and plants, and if changed interactions between these organisms affect carbon and nitrogen cycling. My current projects are situated in Arctic and boreal ecosystems.

Profile on SLU.se.

Erin S McCallum

Postdoctoral researcher at SLU. I’m a behavioural ecologist and ecotoxicologist interested in understanding the causes and consequences of anthropogenic stressors for aquatic wildlife. Working both in the lab and field, I strive to understand how stressors, particularly pollutants, affect animals across multiple levels of biological organization.

Personlig hemsida.

Sylvain Monteux

My research focuses on experimental approaches to investigate mechanisms regulating CO2 release from tundra soils in a warmer world. After my PhD in Abisko with Ellen Dorrepaal on plant-soil-microbe interactions in permafrost systems, my Arctic research now takes place at both SLU Uppsala and Abisko, with the project Living soils in a future Arctic led by Eva Krab, and the Abisko LTER experiment.

Profile on SLU.se.

Ulrika Roos

Ulrika Roos is a doctoral student at the Department of Forestry Management at SLU. She is part of the unit of landscape studies, which includes descriptions and analysis’ of permits and change processes on a local and landscape level in ecosystems and society about questions of sustainability.

Per Sandström

Per Sandström (PhD) is a landscape level, wildlife biologist/ecologist. He works as a senior researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences where he leads and participate in several projects addressing land use impacts and planning, usually in relation to reindeer husbandry. His research covers diverse and often multidisciplinary approaches incorporating both scientific and indigenous and local knowledge systems.

Profile on SLU.se.

Camilla Widmark

Camilla is senior researcher at SLU. In her research the focus is mainly on land use policy, land use conflicts, especially focusing on common pool resources, governance issues, ecosystem services and forest policy, especially evaluation of forest policy.

Profile on SLU.se.

Lulea university of technology

Associated at Luleå Technical University

David Chapman

In my work, I am continuously involved in urban projects, teaching, and research and I draw together these experiences to develop my approach to contemporary practice and academic development. Most recently, I completed a PhD in Architecture focusing on Urban Design in Cold Climate Settlements.

Page on LTU.

Agneta Larsson

Senior associate professor in physiotherapy at Luleå Technical University. My educational background includes integrative physiology and a Master’s degree in Medical Science from Karolinska Institute, and a Doctoral degree in Physiotherapy from Lulea University of Technology (LTU). My thesis focused on risk and safety analyses, management and interactions between environmental conditions and human behaviour.

Page on LTU.se.

Berta Morata

I am an interdisciplinary architect and urbanist working at the intersection of urbanization theory, geospatial analysis, design and ecology. Primarily interested in the spatiality and representation of urbanization processes. Researching on territories of extraction in the European Arctic to critically explore the dialectics between concentrated and extended urbanization under capitalism, understanding the socio-economic and ecological processes that drive geographic uneven development dynamics.

Page on LTU.se.

Agatino Rizzo

Associate Professor of Architecture at LTU. I work at the intersection of planning, design, and geography in contexts as different as the Arctic (mostly northern Scandinavia), Europe (Sweden, Italy and Malta), and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar and the UAE).

Page on LTU.se.

International reseachers

Internationally associated researchers

Thoroddur Bjarnason

Thoroddur Bjarnason is an Icelandic sociologist and professor at the University of Akureyri with a specialty in urban/rural Sociology. He has done research on social issues like bullying, alcohol and cannabis use amongst youth, as well as questions of migration and class in relation to rurality and urbanity.

Profile on UNAK.is.

Dagmar Egelkraut

Dagmar Egelkraut is a postdoctoral fellow in Biological Science at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is a vegetation ecologist with a focus on arctic and alpine ecosystems, plant-herbivore interactions, plant-soil feedback mechanisms and vegetation community stability.

Page on Researchgate.

Josué M. Polanco-Martínez

Josué is interested on Arctic research since this is one of the hot spots in climate change. He is particularly interested in arctic climate from past, present and future, and with special emphasis in the analysis of arctic data, from simple time series to big data.

Page on Researchgate

Olof Stjernström

Olof Stjernström is a professor in Human Geography at Nord university in Norway. He has a special interest in northern studies related to natural and human resources, planning  and migration. His most recent studies focuses multilevel planning and indigenous rights in northern Sweden and studies on mining and multilevel planning. He is also engaged in the issue of social sustainability, climate change and the impact on local communities.

E-mail: olof.a.stjernstrom@nord.no 

Petter Stoor

Stoor is a PhD student at Sámi Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Finnmark county hospital trust, Norway. His research is focused on mental health amongst Sámi.

International associated

Other externally associated

Here you find externally associated who are connected to Arcum through their Arctic interest or the work they do in their organization.

Helén Bertilsson

Helén Bertilsson is an environment nurse at the Work- and behavioral medicine Centre in Umeå.

Helge Brändström

Helge Brändström is senior chief physician  at the Centre for Emergency care and Crisis medicine at Norrland’s University Hospital, Umeå. The centre does education, research and development as well as registers cases and manages prevention.

Homepage for the centre.

Malin Brännström

Malin took her Ph.D. in May 2017 with the thesis “Forestry and reindeer herding on the same ground – a judicial science study of ownership and reindeer herding rights”. The thesis handles the relation between property ownership and the Sámi right to reindeer herding, which are parallel rights set upon the same ground.

Ann-Catrine Edlund

Professor in the Swedish Language at Mittuniversitetet. Seal-hunting has been an important means of livelihood in the coastal areas around the Gulf of Bothnia in both prehistoric and historic times. In my thesis ”The Seal and the Hunter” I studied the Swedish-speaking seal-hunters conceptual system for seal during the 20th century (2000). The analysis also includes the cultural and ecological context of the seal-hunt.

Profile on MIUN.se.

Per Hansson

Critical bottleneck sites for Fennoscandian raptors are identified in order to avoid localization conflicts with i.e. windpower industries. By compiling and analyzing very large amounts of bird data, nine sites have been identified for redlisted raptors (some arctic). Remaining raptor species are now analyzed. My hope is that this work contributes to the conservation of species.

Reached through email: per@voxnatura.se

Lovisa Lind

Lovisa Lind is an ecologist and senior lecturer at Kalmar University. She was previously employed at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Umeå University.

Page on KAU.se.

Martin Schultz

Co-Director, Museum Cerny

First experiences with Arctic collections were made as the curator of ethnographic collections at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in Mannheim (Germany), followed by positions at the Historic and Ethnographic Museum of St.Gallen, Bern Historical Museum in Bern (both Switzerland) and Statens museer för världskultur in Stockholm and Gothenburg with responsibilites for Arctic collections from North America and circumpolar.

The Museum Cerny focuses on contemporary circumpolar art connected to Climate Change and all issues connected to it. For the past year my research focus has been on the Arctic collections and the history of Arctic research in Switzerland and Sweden and the collections from the Vega Expedition in Stockholm, especially the Chukchi collections.

Contact information

Annika Nordin Johansson

Annika Nordin Johansson is head of the Work and Behavior Medical Centre, Region Västerbotten. The centre is focused on prevention, evaluation, research and taking measures against work-, environment- and lifestyle related illness.

Homepage of the centre.

Anne Ouma

Contributing Author to Research Project funded by Nordic Council of Ministers-"Food (in) Security in the Arctic: Contribution of Traditional and Local Food to promote Food Security with Particular Reference to the European High North".

More about the project.

T. Lovisa Solbär

T. Lovisa Solbär is a landscape geographer (Ph.D. in Human Geography; M.Sc. in Geography). Her research interests include rural land use and resource development in Fennoscandinavia, rural spatial planning, and the land-use implications of environmental policy. From 2018, she has been working as Environmental Secretary at the Sámi Parliament in Finland.

Lize-Marie Van Der Watt

Researcher at KTH. I research histories of polar pasts and polar futures, with a focus on the intersection between the environment, science, cultural heritage and critical geopolitics in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Profile on KTH.se.

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