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Arcum affiliated researcher part of a new international medical research project

Clas Ahlm, FOU-director at Region Västerbotten and professor of infectious diseases at Umeå University, is part of a new international research project aimed against deadly viral disease which spreads between humans and animals. The project aims to develop new medicines against these kinds of disease.

The project builds upon a platform of studying how human immune systems naturally develops neutralizing antibodies, and then this information is used to develop biological medicines against viral disease. This is a continued development of the method that successfully was used to develop therapy against the feared ebola virus. Research to develop antibody-based treatment against nephropathia has previously been started in Umeå, and has now been picked up and included in this new cooperative international research project.

-          Finally there is a chance for effective treatment against ‘Norrland’s hemorrhagic fever’. As an infection doctor I’ve met hundreds of people with nephropathia, of which some where really sick and a few even died. These are the patients who have contributed and made our research possible. It’s a clear example of how local cooperation between health care services and research can lead to new treatments globally, says Clas Ahlm.

Read more about the project in UmU’s news article (Swedish).

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