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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 7 May 2021)


Arcum's strategic resources

According to a decision by the Board of Directors of Arcum, the researchers who joined as associated to Arcum are entitled to apply for funds from the strategic resources of the centre. In 2020, the funds are distributed on two occasions, one during the spring term and one during the autumn term. Below you find all the information you need to apply.

Call for the spring semester 2021 is now open.

Deadline for submission is April 5 2021.


Intent and maximum amount

The purpose of the strategic resources is to partly finance activities. The maximum amount to apply for is SEK 20,000 for scientific events, SEK 10,000 for research trips, SEK 10,000 for invitation from visiting researchers, and SEK 5,000 for publication costs. The activity must be important for Arctic research.


PhD-students and younger researchers who defended their thesis within the last five-year period are given certain priority when allocating funds, and Arcum also strives for an even distribution of gender when the grants are awarded. Those who have not previously recieved funding have priority. Participation in Arcum's seminars and activities are included in the assessment.


Arcum shall be given the highest possible visibility in the activities; for example mentioned in publications and seen in workshops context.

Compulsory parts of the application are to describe the contribution and its significance, including arctic relevance; to report the costs of the activity and how the contribution from Arcum should be used; specify time frames and take into account the gender perspective.

Approved applications must submit a final report (a popular science text that can be used on the web and in a newsletter) to Arcum enclosed with any publications or other relevant material. The applicant must provide the report of the activity in both English and Swedish, with a longer text in one of the languages and a shorter summary in the other. If you have previously been granted strategic funding and have yet to submit your final report on the previous activity, you cannot be granted additional strategic funding until you have submitted your final report.

Applications can only be approved if the applicant is currently employed at Umeå University.

Application via email

To apply via email please fill out the following form and email it to Linus Lundström.

Application via post

This information must be included in the application and sent to Linus Lundström:

  • Name
  • Department/unit and position
  • Description of the activity and its significance, including arctic relevance, gender perspective and sustainability perspective
  • Applied funds and total budget
  • Time frame for the activity
  • Previously recieved Arcum's strategic funds (year and total)
  • Final report submitted


Send your application to:

Kontaktperson ASR
Linus Lundström
Umeå universitet
901 87 Umeå

Report on activity

To report on your strategic fund activity, please download and fill out the following form and send it via email to Linus Lundström. You must download the file and run it on your computer to access the form's full functionality.

Please attach any pictures, links or publications which you would like us to include in our news article of your report, to you email.