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Access to samples and data from the Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study

NSHDS (Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study) is an umbrella term for a prospectively collected biobank with related survey data. The sample collection consists of three subcohorts:

  • VIP, Västerbotten Intervention Programme
  • The Mammography screening project
  • The MONICA project

Information and descriptive statistics about NSHDS


1. Researchers are welcome to discuss their planned studies with the contact persons below:

Area Manager Projects and Database: Åsa Ågren
Chair of the Expert Group for Cancer: Bethany Van Guelpen
Chair or the Expert Group for Cardiovascular and other diseases: Ingvar Bergdahl
PI for the Northern Sweden Diet Database: Anna Winkvist

2. Submit the application to The Biobank Research Unit (EBF) at Umeå University (Umu).

Documents included in the initial application:

Application for samples and data

Send the form to

The applicant is responsible for that the study is feasible and that the application is consistent with the current ethical approval.


Research plan

Send the research plan together with the Application for samples and data.

3. Send these documents together with the Application for samples and/or data, or later.

Fill in the relevant forms for the study.

List of variables for VIP and MONICA

Send the form in the original word format to

The method document below describes how blood lipids, blood glucose, blood pressure and body measurements have been measured and calculated.

List of variables for the Northern Sweden Diet Database

Access to dietary data from NSDD

Send the form to

Information about the Northern Sweden Diet Database (NSDD)

List of variables for the Mammography Study

Send the form in the original word format to

Applications to external registers, e.g. quality registers

Different forms are used for different registers. The Biobank Research Unit provides advice and writing help.

Application for ethical vetting and the decision

We recommend that researchers contact the Biobank Research Unit before writing the application for ethical approval. Please contact us as early as possible.
Contact: Åsa Ågren

Send the application to Etikprövningsmyndigheten.

The application for samples and/or data can be made prior to the application for ethical vetting.

Send the application and decision to

Etikprövningsmyndigheten (in Swedish)

4. The project is assessed.

The Biobank Research Unit will obtain the necessary approvals.

Expert Group for Cancer, and Expert group for Cardiovascular and other diseases

The study is scientifically assessed by an Expert Group.

Proposals that come three weeks before the Expert Group meeting is brought up at the meeting.

Expert groups

Steering Group for the Northern Sweden Diet Database

The Biobank Research Unit obtains approval.

Access to OMICS data

The Biobank Research Unit obtains approval.

External registers

The Biobank Research Unit obtains approval.

Principal Investigators for sample collections/cohorts/registers

The study must be approved by the Principal Investigators for the sample collections/cohorts/registers. The Biobank Research Unit obtains approval.

5. EBF helps with other necessary documents.

Many studies require agreements between Umeå University and recipients of samples and/or data. EBF helps to formulate the agreements and mediates contact with the university lawyers.

6. The samples are handled by Biobanken norr.

If the study involves blood samples, additional agreements are needed with Biobanken norr at the County Council of Västerbotten. The Biobank Research Unit mediates contact between the researcher and Biobanken norr.

7. The Biobank Research Unit matches cases and controls in collaboration with the researcher.

8. Data and/or samples are delivered.

9. After analysis of the samples, send the analysis results to the Biobank Research Unit.

Return of analysis data and registration of datasets