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The OMICS database

The OMICS database is a data collection with GWAS data and other large data collections generated from biobank samples. For more information, please contact Åsa Ågren or Beatrice Melin.

Send the application to the Biobank Research Unit at Umeå University

Application for samples and data

 Send the form to

The applicant is responsible for that the study is feasible and that the application is consistent with the current ethical approval.


Research plan

Send the research plan together with the Application for samples and data.

Application for ethical vetting and the decision

Send the application to Etikprövningsmyndigheten.

The application for samples and/or data can be made prior to the application for ethical vetting.

Send the application and decision to

Include a description of the cohorts and registers that will be used in the study.
Describe in which countries analyses of data and/or samples will be performed.

Etikprövningsmyndigheten (in Swedish)