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Return of analysis data to the Biobank Research Unit

Return of analysis data

After completion of analyses, the analysis data should be delivered to the Biobank Research Unit. The data will only be reused with permission from the researcher who owns the data. Our contact is Åsa Ågren.

The following data should be returned:

  • Analysis data (preferably in excel, txt, csv or SAS format)
  • Contact details for person(s) to contact before reuse of data in future studies
  • Date/period for analyses
  • Contact details for the laboratory, including a contact person
  • Method descriptions for analyses, if possible with references to publications
  • Performed quality controls (e.g. CV:s, ICC:s)

Registration of processed data sets

Researchers may be interested in collecting data from multiple studies in the future or reuse data for new or refined studies. It is then useful if researchers can find where to turn to ask for such data and that data is available in a structured format even if the researcher who originally did the study has left the university.

Registration at Swedish National Data Service

Researchers can register their processed data sets at the Swedish National Data Service, SND, https://snd.gu.se

Researchers with data containing identity data can not register the data sets themselves, but only information about what it contains and how the researcher is contacted. Availability level 3b should be selected:

3b - Data are not available at SND. Please contact the research institute representative for more information.

A description of the study is available at SND for visibility and searchability. The research material is not available on the Internet. For access or more information, contact the research head.

Researchers with data that do not contain identity data can select another level of accessibility.

Registration on server at the Biobank Research Unit (EBF), Umeå University

Researchers should save their processed data sets with identity information on a secure server at the Biobank Research Unit.

For information, contact Åsa Ågren.

Latest update: 2020-10-16