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Professor in Population Studies specialising in register-based research

The Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR) at Umeå University is looking for a Professor in Population Studies specialising in register-based research.

CEDAR is a centre at which multidisciplinary research is conducted into demographic changes and ageing at an individual and societal level in a long-term perspective. One central theme relates to the transition from a young to an ageing society and how people’s living conditions are shaped when the population structure is transformed. Other key research issues relate to both contemporary and historical demographic processes, and how the living situation and living conditions for vulnerable groups change over time.

There are several large databases at the unit, and most researchers at CEDAR use register data, survey data or longitudinal population data in their research. Research is conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods, although quantitative research does dominate. CEDAR also has two of the Swedish Research Council’s national infrastructures, CORS and SwedPop. CEDAR plays an active role in a number of national and international networks, and the research conducted here features a high degree of internationalisation.

CEDAR currently has 40 employees and 30 affiliated researchers are working in the environment.

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