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The Linnaeus Database

The Linnaeus Database is a unique research resource. It links information from four existing databases, and enables researchers to see new connections between health, lifestyle and ageing.

Grant from the Swedish Research Council

In 2006 CEDAR (the Ageing and Living Conditions Research Programme (ALC)) received a so-called Linneaus Grant from the Swedish Research Council, in order to conduct research about the ageing population's living conditions.

The Linnaeus Database

The questions the research programme wanted to investigate required new and larger datafiles, bigger than any existing databases could provide. Using information from four different sources – Betula, The Västerbotten Intervention Programme (VIP), Statistics Sweden and The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare – a new research resource, that has been named The Linnaeus Database, was created.

Here you will find a brief summary of the four sources on which the Linnaeus database is based.

High security

For privacy reasons, the Linnaeus database contains no information that could be linked to individuals' identities. The data is contained within a closed computer system at a locked department at Umeå University, to which only authorized personnel have access.

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