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Collaborate with us

UPL is one of the largest educational development units in the country. We have a broad set of skills within the field, which makes us an excellent collaborative partner for actors both within and outside Umeå University.

We collaborate both regionally and nationally and have a broad network of contacts within the field of educational development. For example, members of the unit are involved in working groups at the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF), and we collaborate with other universities and national networks on a variety of projects. Through our collaborations we contribute to the development of national guidelines and practices for educational development, which naturally also ensures the quality of our own courses and consulting services.

We also collaborate internationally in various research and development projects. In these projects new knowledge is developed which benefits the teachers at our university through our courses and our local collaborations.

UPL has initiated and is responsible for several local networks for cooperation in educational development matters such as the network for pedagogical leaders (SPA), and the network for postgraduate supervisors (HandUm).

Director at UPL

Eva Svedmark
Associate professor
Latest update: 2023-01-25