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Projects in higher education pedagogy

UPL runs a number of higher education pedagogical projects at Umeå University. Read more about which projects we are running right now.

UPL is currently running three higher education pedagogical projects. Funding for the projects comes from the Vice-Chancellor at the university or from external partners. All projects run from 2022 to 2025.

One project is called Hybrid teaching for flexible learning. The project will explore and develop knowledge, abilities and skills around hybrid teaching and its impact on student learning.

One project is called Developed forms of examination. The project will develop training and workshops, investigate new ideas, create templates and guides and explore technical support to facilitate and improve the function of examinations.

UPL also runs a collaborative project with Akademiska Hus called Learning Lab Umeå.

Learning Lab Umeå - for interaction and student active learning

The Learning Lab Umeå project means that a classroom will become a Learning Lab in order to build knowledge about pedagogy and spatial requirements for hybrid learning environments for the future.

Learning Lab is Akademiska Hus' concept that explores the interaction between man, space and technology. The project aims to explore how a hybrid learning environment can be designed in the best way and to always be able to offer premises that meet the needs that exist in higher education.

The project will be conducted from a pedagogical perspective where teachers and pedagogical developers have the main role. Through Learning Lab, Umeå University will gain experience, knowledge and competence about how space, pedagogy and technology can be used in the work of developing the hybrid learning environments of the future.

The room is an opportunity for testing and demonstration of the interaction between pedagogical forms, social conditions and spatial design, interior design and technology. The room is designed to develop and test hybrid solutions for collaborations within student groups, such as teamwork, presentations, workshops and seminars.

Latest update: 2022-11-07