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KBCon Interactive Learning Environment

KBCon is one of three Interactive Learning Environments on campus that serve to provide creative zones for dynamic and innovative meetings between students, teachers, and researchers.

KBCon [kay'bee'cee'on], the Interactive Learning Environment at KBC, is a set of premises with integrated communication technologies that provide dynamic meeting places for a wide range of event types.

KBCon aims to enable and improve researchers’ ability to spontaneously present and discuss complex datasets and models, locally and internationally. Secondly, KBCon aims to improve the ability of core facilities to communicate their services and recruit users. Lastly, KBCon aims to enhance the visibility of research and careers in science to students from all levels. KBCon shares a common communications action plan with the other two Interactive Learning Environments at Umeå University (Common Ground and MIT-place) that includes outreach to departments, web-site development, and digital signage.

KBCon activities

Every other Tuesday one of the KBC infrastructures will have a short presentation of its facilities, possibilities and services. After the presentation there is plenty of time for discussions.

Planned presentations and activities. Read more.


KBCon spaces

Information about KBCon spaces

KBCon Site map (as of 2018-04)

  • Glasburen - Flexible meeting room for about 20 people. Map
  • Stora Fokusrummet (KB.F3.01) - teaching room for 40 people. Map
  • KBC Atrium - Flex area for special events (for 50 people). Map Atrium B


  • Lilla Hörsalen KB.E3.01 - Lecture hall for 72 people. Map

KB.E3.03 Carl Kempe salen - Lecture hall for 150 people, (formerly ‘Stora Hörsalen’). Map

Booking of KBCon spaces

  • Lecture rooms, Lilla Hörsalen (KB.E3.01) and Carl Kempe Salen (KB.E3.03), can be booked independently by anyone with CAS ID in the Umeå University system (book in TimeEdit via 'Kursbokning' or 'Lokalbokning').
  •  KBC_Glasburen, KBC_Atrium, and KBC_Stora Fokusrummet (KB.F3.01) can be booked as usual in TimeEdit. Please note that you can be re-booked to a corresponding room of the same size in case the rooms/spaces are needed to be used as an interactive learning environments. You will then be contacted personally. Contact if you are going to use the spaces as an interactive learning environment and need support.

KBCon Contact

Would you like to use the KBCon Interactive Learning Environment facilities?

For questions, help with KBCon spaces booking, and technical support please contact

Linda Pommer


Phone: +46 90 786 80 59

Mobile: +46 70 239 26 91

Visiting address: KBC Communication office, Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå