Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 21 October 2020)

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Information regarding COVID-19

Recent updates, last updated on 21 October 2020

For staff
For staff

For faculty and staff at Umeå University.


Formal decisions by the Vice-Chancellor regarding COVID-19.

Visitors and opening hours
Visitors and opening hours

Up to date informatoin for faculty and staff, students and visitors.

Events and meetings
Events and meetings

All public events have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020.

What to do when you have symptoms or confirmed COVID-19

• When you have symptoms, even mild ones – stay at home until you have been symptom free for 2 days. And get tested at Region Västerbotten.
• When COVID-19 has been confirmed – inform your manager or course coordinator. Stay at home for 7 days after falling ill (or test date). You must also have been healthy and free of symptoms for 2 days before returning to campus.
• When you have a negative test – stay at home until you feel fully well.

Find out how to take the test (Region Västerbotten)

Preventive measures at Umeå University

The University has heightened its preparedness and the COVID-19 issue is continuously monitored by the University Management and the University Management Council. The central crisis management team reconciliate on a weekly basis. Risk assessments and crisis planning are carried out continuously.

Precautions for risk-reduction

To reduce the risk of further spreading the disease, Umeå University is taking a number of precautions including the following

  • limiting seats in auditoriums
  • signposting reminders to keep the distance in public spaces
  • increasing cleaning, and disinfecting auditoriums and toilets daily
  • distributing hand sanitiser and signposting to departments and offices
  •  introducing new routines for written exams in halls, found on

Do you experience overcrowding in any of the university’s premises or see other risks of disease spreading? Please contact

Everyone should feel safe in the knowledge that Umeå University follows the recommendations and guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. If a student or a member of staff feels worried, please contact your course coordinator or supervisor to find an individual solution.

Contact Umeå University's COVID management team

Contact Umeå University on our corona email adress with all questions related to COVID-19, including questions regarding education, research and collaboration.

Please also contact us if you experience crowding in university premises or have other concerns you wish to share regarding spread of infection.