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Information regarding COVID-19

Most of the University’s COVID-19 information has been removed or been moved to other web pages. This page summarises what measures remain at Umeå University and the recommendations that the Public Health Agency of Sweden has given Umeå University in its role as a university and employer.

If you feel sick

Stay at home if you have symptoms that could be COVID-19. Follow the recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Recommendation for unvaccinated individuals

The Public Health Agency recommends that adults who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 should be particularly careful. This means that they should avoid crowding and large gatherings indoors. Those who are unvaccinated and belong to a medical risk group run a higher risk of getting seriously ill. The risk of becoming seriously ill also increases with age.

Universities have no obligation to adapt their activities to accommodate unvaccinated individuals. The responsibility instead lies with the individual who has not been vaccinated.

Employees at Umeå University can get vaccinated during work hours.

Source: The Public Health Agency of Sweden

For students

For managers

Inform your employees that it is important to stay at home when they are ill with symptoms that could be COVID-19, and that they are allowed to get vaccinated during their working hours. Offer online alternatives and, if possible, offer employees to work from home when they have symptoms that could be COVID-19.

Make use of the experiences learnt from the preventive measures taken during the pandemic, such as hygiene measures. Preventive measures can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, but also other transmittable diseases common primarily during the winter months.

The need for continued risk assessments from a work environment perspective when it comes to the risk of exposure to infection must be assessed at each individual part of the organisation and is regulated in work environment legislation.

Source: The Public Health Agency of Sweden


If you have questions regarding COVID-19, please contact Infocenter.