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For staff

On these pages, members of staff including doctoral students find information about working at Umeå University during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Guidelines for staff at Umeå University

Staff must adhere to the following
• Avoid working in and visiting university premises.
• Work from home to the extent possible.
• Keep your distance to others if you must be at work.
• Limit your physical contacts to a few and the same individuals.
• Stay at home if you have symptoms of disease – even mild symptoms.
• Hold all your meetings online, or postpone them.
• Do not carry out any events in university premises.
• Be very restrictive regarding business travel.
• Conduct teaching and examination using online means as far as possible.
• Wear a face mask when you cannot avoid coming in close contact with others.

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What to do when you have symptoms or confirmed COVID-19

• When you have symptoms, even mild ones – get tested through Region Västerbotten. Important! When you have taken a test, you must stay at home and avoid meeting others until your test results have arrived. Find out how to take the test if you have a Swedish personal identity number.

If you have no Swedish personal identity number, you can get tested using the university's temporary identity number. Find out how to get tested with your temporary number.

• When COVID-19 has been confirmed – inform your manager or course coordinator. Stay at home for 7 days after falling ill (or test date), whichever comes last. You must also have been healthy and free of symptoms for 2 days before returning to campus.

• When you have a negative test – stay at home until you feel fully well.

If you get instructions from Region Västerbotten or other healthcare providers that differ from this, please follow those instructions.

Phone number for healthcare guidance: +46 771-11 77 00 or 1177.

Contact the University's Crisis Management Team

Please contact the Crisis Management Team using with all questions related to COVID-19.