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(Last updated: 16 September 2021, 12:00) Teaching at Umeå University until 29 September can be implemented with physical attendance for beginner students on study programmes. Other students are taught primarily with online solutions. From 30 September it is possible to offer on-site teaching for all student groups.

Study-related questions due to COVID-19

Questions and answers related to studies and study administration due to COVID-19.

Teaching at the start of the autumn semester

Between 30 August and 29 September, teaching is made possible with physical attendance for entrant students (beginner students) on study programmes provided that the teaching can be conducted in a disease-preventative and safe manner.

Teachers who teach beginner students on study programmes are given the opportunity to work from campus to the extent necessary to plan and carry out teaching. If you work technically or administratively and are needed in the premises to meet the new students, you are also given the same opportunities.

When teaching with physical attendance

When teaching must be carried out on campus or with physical attendance in other locations and to satisfy reasonable quality requirements, the following must be adhered to:

  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s and other authorities’ guidelines must be followed.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of disease – even mild ones – must stay at home.
  • Students who are to carry out a placement, thesis project, clinical training, teaching placement or similar must follow the guidelines and recommendations issued by the host organisation.
  • Group sizes must be minimized and group divisions should, if possible, be kept the same during the entire course or course component. The group should not exceed 7 people, according to the county medical officer.
  • The equivalent of 1–2 seats must be left empty between every individual. Seatings should be spread diagonally.
  • A limit of 50 people per hall still applies until further notice, October included, that is. Please note that small halls can hold a lesser number of people to maintain distances.
  • Hand sanitizer must be available in each lecture room or equivalent. If this is not the case, please contact Infocenter.
  • Wear a face mask when distance between people cannot be maintained. Read about face mask usage.

The Public Health Agency's checklist for risk assessment can be used to plan teaching situations. (In Swedish)

More information is found on Examination and Study-related questions due to COVID-19

Deviations from a course syllabus

Deviations from a course syllabus regarding forms for teaching and assessment may be made to the extent necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Only the person who normally makes decisions on course syllabi and examinations is allowed to make decisions on necessary deviations and must ensure that the decision is well-documented and archived.

In those cases where an examination requires access to a computer or internet connection, students must be offered such aids that allow them to participate from a technical perspective.

Template and guidance can be found on the page COVID-19 templates and signposting under the headline COVID-related templates – Education (Aurora)

Learn more on Aurora

The decision to allow deviation has been extended and is now valid until 16 January 2022.

Read all decisions

Rescheduling a course, course module or examination, and deviations from a programme syllabus

Decisions can be made to reschedule a course, course module or examination, or make a deviation from a programme syllabus to reduce the risk of infection if no other solution is possible. Such a rescheduling can take place within the 2021 spring semester or be postponed to another semester, primarily to the 2021 autumn semester. Such decisions can be made in a revised order to the one described in the Vice-Chancellor’s delegation of authority.

Prior to making the decision to reschedule a course, course module or examination, a student representative must be consulted if possible.

The Vice-Chancellor is hereby delegating to deans and the director of the Umeå School of Education to reach such decisions. This delegation of authority may be further delegated. Such further delegation of authority must be documented, archived and notified to the relevant student union and the students concerned. Decisions must also be reported to the Faculty Board or to the board of the Umeå School of Education at their next assembly, at which point it must be noted in the minutes.

Decisions to reschedule a course, course module or examination, and make deviations from a programme syllabus must be documented according to a set template. Particular consideration must be taken regarding international students.

Template and guidance can be found on the page COVID-19 templates and signposting (Aurora)

The decision to allow reschedulings has been extended with the summer 2021 och start of the autumn semester 2021 decisions and is now valid until 29 september 2021.

Read all decisions

Students who cannot participate

If a student cannot participate in teaching due to local guidelines or equivalent, the department should investigate if adaptations can be made to enable the student to participate, for instance by using virtual tools for a compulsory course component. If no such adjustments can be made, the student must be offered participation at the next available instance.

Evening education

Teaching and examination that would normally be held in daytime can be scheduled to evenings if required to prevent the risk of spreading disease, but only with consideration for the ability of students and teaching staff to participate. For example, students and teachers with small children may find it difficult to participate in evenings.

This opportunity ceases after 29 September 2021. 

Security in Zoom

Be aware of how you can increase the security in your Zoom meetings.

Learn more about security in Zoom through the information on this page.

Zoom rooms on campus

Due to COVID-19 and the increase in virtual learning, a number of Zoom rooms have been installed on campus. Portable devices can also be booked in TimeEdit. Ask Infocenter for more information.

Bookable premises adapted

Seating in lecture halls and other premises have been limited to at least one empty seat between each person depending on furnishing. This means that every other seat will be removed. Available seats are spread diagonally across the room. This means that only half the maximum number of seats can be used in each room up until the definite maximum of 49 seats.

Considerations for the normative limit of 8 people should be made to the extent possible and for as long as the limit applies in Sweden.

Billing of bookable premises

From 24 March forwards, regular routines for booking and cancelling bookings apply. These regular routines will apply regardless of the development of COVID-19.

Booking rooms

Teaching between 30 September and 1 November

During the second period of the autumn semester, between 30 September and 1 November, it is possible to offer onsite education with physical attendance for all students.

To be able to return to campus-based activities safely, the university's recommendation is that reasonable distance must be maintained in all situations where this is possible. The need to continue to keep distance to others is based on everyone still not being vaccinated. What distance is reasonable and possible varies depending on the situation. Umeå University's guideline is to leave every other chair empty. It will still be important that everyone, regardless of vaccination, continues to stay at home and get tested in the event of symptoms arising.

The Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden are removing all limitations on number of participants. This means that the previously announced limit of 50 people per hall will be removed in the university's premises. However, in the room booking system, TimeEdit, the maximum number of people per hall will still be adjusted to leaving every other chair empty until 1 November.

Please also note that in situations where people cannot avoid close contact, students and staff should wear a face mask. For instance, when performing labs or medical examinations in teaching situations. Priority should still be to avoid close contact as far as possible. Read about face mask usage at Umeå University.

This no longer applies from 30 September and onwards:

  • the recommendation that students outside of teacher-led education should work limit themselves to working in the same and small groups
  • that teaching can be scheduled to evenings when necessary. Ordinary rules apply.

Read the decision for 30 September until 1 November