Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 29 May 2020)

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(Last updated: 13 May 2020, 09:02) All teaching and education involving physical meetings is cancelled and replaced with alternative instruction methods. On 17 March, the Vice-Chancellor also decided to allow deviations from course syllabi regarding teaching and forms of examination.

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Preparations for education in autumn 2020

Umeå University is planning on conducting campus-based education from 31 August, i.e. from the start of the autumn semester. Nevertheless, the University continues to follow the recommendations issued by the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. If these authorities extend their recommendation for university educations to be conducted remotely to reduce the spread of disease in society, we need to be prepared to carry on with alternative methods of instruction and assessment also into the autumn.

Considerations in preparation for the autumn semester:

  • Plan for campus-based education – be prepared for remote teaching.
  • Book your lecture halls and equivalent well in advance and be prepared for restrictions in, for instance, group size and recommendations for social distancing to avoid the spread of disease for this autumn semester.
  • Given the current situation, teaching staff is recommended to prepare for both distance and campus-based education for courses for the autumn semester as well as for retake exams and equivalent in August.
  • If, this autumn semester, we find ourselves in a situation where campus-based education is allowed, but with restrictions regarding group size or total number of students on campus, it may be beneficial to plan for prioritising providing places on our campuses primarily to students on their first or final semesters.
  • Even if restrictions on campus-based education are lifted, all education does not need to be reinstated immediately to campus. It is desirable to plan for a flexible teaching and learning model. Thus, course components that are suited for online tools can continue to be carried out remotely initially even once the restrictions have been lifted.
  • Staff responsible for outgoing international students with exchanges planned for autumn semester 2020 are recommended to, in consultation with the students, investigate the opportunities to postpone the exchange studies.
  • If restrictions should remain regarding campus-based education, the validity of related decisions will also be extended. This concerns, for instance, postponing courses, deviations from course and programme syllabi, and dispensations for practical course components.

Summer courses

All teaching involving physical meetings is cancelled and replaced with alternative instruction methods. This also applies to summer courses and is valid for the period of 8 June until 30 August.

For some courses, we may need to grant exceptions from this decision. This could be to carry out some practical sessions on campus if they cannot be replaced by other methods, as long as the number of participants can be limited and the risk of spreading disease avoided. Such exceptions or deviations from this decisions are decided by each dean and is reported to the Deputy University Director.

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First and second-cycle education – Bachelor and Masters’ level education

A number of decisions and deviations have been necessary to make on education at Umeå University as a consequence of COVID-19.

Current status for education

  • All teaching involving physical meetings is cancelled and replaced with alternative instruction methods.

  • The main rule is that degree projects and theses may not be conducted within the university premises. In certain cases, exceptions may be allowed. Read more under Degree project, examination and public defences.

  • All written examinations or other types of examinations that include physical meetings are cancelled, postponed or replaced with other examination formats that do not include physical meetings. However, physical meetings in placements and clinical placements are still allowed. Follow the development on Degree projects, exams and public defences.

  • The Vice-Chancellor has decided to allow necessary deviations from course syllabi. The person who normally takes decision about course syllabus and examination makes these decisions and ensures that the decision is well-documented and archived. Read the decision Deviations from course syllabus to prevent further spreading of COVID-19.

  • The Vice-Chancellor has decided that deans can grant dispensation from the Decision regarding the development of the spread of COVID-19 (FS 1.1-677-20) to carry out single practical teaching components for certain educations, if these practical components cannot be replaced with other methods, and if the number of participants is limited to handle the risk of spreading the disease. This decision is valid until 30 June 2020. Such granted dispensations must be reported in writing to the Deputy University Director Per Ragnarsson.